Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng foundation of learning where to start

although the Shanghai dragon tutorial numerous, but most of them only in theory achievement. Shanghai dragon belongs to the work ready to accept either course optimization ideas, each person is different, the result is also not necessarily. But I think the most important thing is to learn Shanghai dragon master and practice the basic knowledge of the operation.

2., a website can get many users, in addition to the site itself to build a beautiful degree, the biggest reason is that the site itself to meet the needs of users, to help users solve the problem, this is the biggest attraction of a web site. Shanghai dragon Er foundation work should also be around this way.

is Shanghai based Phoenix include what content? And where to start Shanghai dragon? Shenzhen Dow water website of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners believe that the foundation, from the positioning website, demand analysis and choice of good content, standing outside the station optimization optimization, data analysis, statistics, analysis and other steps to experience.

4. station optimization is a huge project. Now most people think of the station optimization mainly aimed at the site within the keywords, add the chain anchor text, and so on. In fact this optimization method for significance. Here said the station optimization, mainly refers to the site outside the station outside the station to publicity, other platforms for auxiliary, content, discussion, quiz, etc. to expand to help those who need to solve the problem, in order to help the site get more attention of the crowd.

1. positioning site, is a pre work center of Shanghai dragon er. Before the web development, need to understand the site itself optimization content, direction and keyword selection etc..

Great oaks from little acorns grow. foundation, is the cornerstone of success. Like learning Shanghai dragon, to master the basic knowledge, in-depth study to do the best. However, most people in Shanghai are learning the dragon are ignorant, not through the standard study (from scratch), to optimize the knowledge, thus often encounter many problems in work.


from the Shenzhen Dow water purifier (贵族宝贝sz-tswater贵族宝贝/) Shanghai dragon Er original, reproduced please indicate the source


3. station optimization mainly aimed at the site within the overall interface, navigation, etc. keywords do better for the site layout, add full and use of information, in order to attract search engine and user attention, the station optimization is the most important area to do keyword ranking.

Analysis of the needs of

analysis, data statistics, analysis and so on work experience, when the site is set up and gradually towards the desired goals need to be done. Can love Shanghai webmaster tools, statistics and keywords ranking query tool to understand the site specific trends, timely observation to the site itself loopholes, visitors can meet the requirements and so on, make data analysis and experience can help users favorite websites.

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