Personal webmaster not too obsessed with the Shanghai Dragon

1, Shanghai dragon market competition is more and more big, 05 years ago, Shanghai dragon only a few people know that, when the operation is very easy, but look now, many small number of training institutions in Shanghai Longfeng large number is not clear; and to participate in the training of Shanghai dragon and Phoenix students but also people the ox hair, but the website every day, with tens of thousands of domestic is increased; net is in constant growth, the search engine user is also increasing, but the growth of the space is not the growth speed of

personal webmaster not too obsessed with the Shanghai dragon? See this topic, one might guess, before not all advocate vigorously to do business in Shanghai dragon, to grasp the search engine traffic? Yes, Shanghai dragon search traffic for a station, is really quite good; because the visitor’s strong purpose, so for the website to sell products or services are transformed with respect to other traffic only or higher; however, today why the webmaster not too obsessed with Shanghai dragon, this is not a contradiction? In fact it is not so; when it comes to the webmaster not too persistent Shanghai dragon, not give up Shanghai dragon, but not the Shanghai Dragon website as main means of survival; why do we list below the present stage Shanghai dragon encountered some

2, search by technology continues to improve, before I Shanghai CEO Robin Li has said, will be the search engine more humane, the so-called humanization can now guess, love Shanghai has started to target the browser cache cookies; this we determined with search results can see differences in the browser can be well understood; of course here is not the only cookies, there are other parameters, but the specific is unknown, later to be perfect; it will appear what kind of a situation after? Arranged in the forefront of the search engine website basically is the authoritative website in the industry; and the authority of the word, is nothing more than to get more much more recognition, recognition of words, then through a variety of marketing tools, as well as the investment cost, basically a small Small Shanghai dragon is very difficult to complete; we can rank the words in my blog in Hunan Shanghai dragon Sogou browser, Google browser, 360 browser, look below:




browser 360 Hunan Shanghai dragon ranking


Hunan Shanghai dragon

3, love Shanghai Aladdin plan; why love Shanghai Aladdin plan, this plan is in love with a sea already mentioned, also in the implementation of "slowly


browser Hunan Shanghai dragon ranking


browser Sogou ranking

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