File 18 influence factors of ranking love Shanghai

of a page is from the top down, gradually decreased from the left or right, and the title is the highest weight of the page, write the title to be able to maximize the use of these weights. The title is to follow the rules from left to right, so the main keywords of any page are recommended on the title of the first, of course, is not blind to let everyone to write the title only to the weight, just let you try to follow this principle.

) The label 7,



for any web page, the number of key words it can carry is limited, not unlimited increase. The number of keywords is also capable of carrying home, by sorting, the content page is decreasing, so here we recommend you not to blind the stack keywords, otherwise it will backfire.

4, the website description method

3, the main keywords in the title of the first

1, the title length

search engine from the very early has gradually abandoned the Keyword tag in the website of the role, but described as second weight enabled heir, so how to write a description of the website, has become a new research topic. A description, you can simply say a fluent can generalize the whole website, let a person see the description you’ll know the content of your website is mainly embodied in the description of what, at the beginning and end of words describing the natural is the best way.

careful friends had found the love of Shanghai search results page, the title will only display up to 30 characters, so that the site title length control in less than 25 words. (why not recommend 30 words, because a lot of friends in the site title suffix will eventually customary to bring the same as me (Xiong Wei blog), the specific effect please see below:

first, then give you the Internet already spread things, is not my original, here I just play a summary, please look down.

navigation is the important place of keywords layout

has nothing to do with the theme.

6, ALT

has repeatedly mentioned in front of the distribution page weight is from top to bottom, from left to right is the distribution way, then as "in the top navigation bar is undoubtedly the highest weight in addition to the title, description of outside, make good use of natural navigation allows the website to strive for further improvement.

The weight distribution of


ALT label is added to each picture, this is not just in order to make the search engine more easily to know what is the contents of this picture, but also can prevent because the picture was not loaded successfully, can let the user know that this picture wants to say.

2, page number

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