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view of the major search engines is to check a website the quality of a good way. We all know that "content is king, the chain for the emperor" the truth, if you consider the long-term interests, we must do a good job in a website! PR is very high, but included too little, can reflect the solution between the station of Shanghai dragon ER pay little attention to the content of this site, this site is operating near the key what is the ranking at any time may drop. So check when do friends chain the other collection is an indispensable part of. For those 0 included in the old station or included the special few old station we are absolutely not to exchange, because the station is likely to drop the weight being K away, we do friends chain with him is to give him the "buried" fate, like him – by K

because some station built a long time, so the station under some domain PR two will be relatively high. A lot of people for friends of the chain is on PR PR, that the higher the better, in fact, to the two level domain name weight is not high, even if the PR point is not meaningful, not to your site with too much traffic. There is a cross link, a lot of people are using the weight high website chain on your site, and then let your new station chain of them, many people think that this is good, after all the other high weight website. But the cross link is not conducive to management, can not be denied that there is always some wicked people, your link to remove inadvertently. For those who don’t always stare at the limited time of this chain of people.

three: two level domain and cross chain

station! Included

site snapshot although not representative of the entire site, but it can reflect the quality of website content, under normal circumstances, if the station of high quality content, is relatively easy to attract the eyeball of the spider. The number of spider crawling more, on the site of love, once the spider recognized, whether the rankings are included will increase. So it is very important for the site snapshot, we do not require the website updated every day snapshot of our friends of the chain of each other (of course, updated every day is the next day is the best) but the bottom line is no more than 1 weeks! As many web two domain names while PR is very high, but the snapshot is retreated or been stagnant, with the the website chain do not much

website optimization is not do well in the station website framework, content, as well as external promotion of three parts. In front of the two things, said the main external promotion, external promotion for website optimization plays a role in this very important is beyond doubt. The diversification of external promotion, promotion methods of these articles meet the eye everywhere I believe we all around here mainly to It is quite common for the novice to talk about how to do Links! Here is well Links several considerations, any similarity is purely coincidental!


two: the major search engines

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