Effect of ASP site using NCLUDE calls

recently exposed to a lot of ASP enterprise station, see a lot of ASP enterprise station in Shanghai the dragon is not doing enough, see a lot of INCLUDE calls "ASP, such as excessive use of engines are affected? This problem caused the sought after discussion, pointed out that include should be the Zac blog server the implementation of SE, don’t know what is include, so there is no impact on the search engine. Shanghai dragon 123 said no use simply on the search engine, and use that it is utterly ignorant of Shanghai dragon.


as everyone knows, so, many people will each page the same static content such as navigation menu, copyright information at the bottom of storage use include calls in a ASP file, this approach is very sensible, does not affect the search engines, the change is also easy. In such a situation, it said the Shanghai dragon 123, use of Shanghai dragon because header includes utterly ignorant of, local and local keywords page, meta and description, and this part of each page should be different, if used, the title, keywords and description production of each page is the same content, this is taboo for search engine.

In order to change the call and

on the include, the real PHP also has similar problems, but not the same usage, for example, PHP include/xxxxx.php is in use, the principle is similar, here only said asp.

if include has an effect on search engines, so it should be used with caution, thinking from the perspective of Shanghai dragon, I certainly hope that the contents are indexed by search engines and to the good rankings. So, it is related to the search engine

Zac said is right, include is executed by the server, we put the xxx.asp spin off single into xxx1.asp and xxx2.asp, xxx.asp changed its name to xxxx.asp, while the xxxx.asp contains two include, with the result, we see the execution should be xxx.asp and xxxx.asp are the same. So in principle, using include and using include is the same effect on search engine.

there is a situation, assuming that header.asp is not the same every page navigation menu, such as static content copyright information at the bottom, it contains the title, keywords and description by using the dynamic function of the label, such as {title}, {keywords}, {description}, this is the most CMS by the way, that is the result of the implementation of each. The title of the page, keywo>

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