A5 marketing what kind of website to determine the final ranking


two: the stability of

included 20 today, tomorrow the day after tomorrow is not included, included 30, then for a week is not included, or even a month are not included, your site is often encountered? If it is, there are three possibilities:

this time we learned that the site included not only depends on the number of included, but also to see the continuity included,

is the most important! The two

above the site in terms of what is not good news, first we look at "repeatedly included repeatedly removed" problem. Basically we think that this is the case because the site: the large amount of data, but the information quality problem, the spider repeatedly included, after assessment again after deleting, not one step implementation included.

through this problem we can see even about one hundred thousand included how well with stability, too bad, just like the flow of more than 1000.

then included what is the ideal included? We can see a picture:

second: information quality is too bad, will generally appear in the above acquisition station, or pseudo original station.


as a webmaster, or web site management personnel, the first thing is to turn on the computer every day to see the website rankings and included. But the website is really better? Many people do too many detours in this direction, even some of the site a are not included, even one thousand IP. This article, we look at, what kind of website, to determine the final ranking of

: the first editors update not rule, this update, a few days later update.

included a continuous decline will also have a very outstanding performance in the rankings, the overall ranking is down, this time if not good, key words will fall further. If suddenly this happens mainly has the following reasons: A, search engine rules change; B, site stability problems, such as a few days ago, a customer "51" server, access is not a problem, but when grasping detection, speed in 10 seconds, this can be good also included? Tucao, said the West is love Shanghai, ask the client to resolve, it is extremely disappointing



third: the site itself Shanghai dragon large, lead to a search engine on the website of the trust level is very low.



today, tomorrow the day after tomorrow included deleted, included, second days to delete, this website stability is very bad! Even said that the site index of number of days of recording status:

: a continuous


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