The three break point to avoid tangled web site optimization path

two, breakthrough tangled two: there is no flow quality

can help to enhance the website weight high ranking, but high weight is not equal to high ranking. The reality is that even a lot of weight average website keywords ranking is very good, but some weight high site performance is generally. Keywords ranking need station optimization good, let the search engine recognition site theme. Although the website weight and keywords ranking, but more with the station optimization, and outside the station anchor text link is also great. For example, we have identified with the "Shanghai web site" as the key words, the station should be highlighted and emphasized that "Shanghai website, link anchor text outside the station, also should be more defined as" Shanghai website made the word ". Only have website weight and keywords established organic integration, can effectively improve the ranking.

should first understand is that the weight and keywords ranking is two yards. In reality, we often see some sites, PR is very high, but the keyword ranking is not how the front. Some web content updates, even can reach the second, but the performance is not ideal flow and keywords. What kind of website weight high? Often keep update, especially the original content updated website, search engine will think of higher quality, and give relative weight. High quality mass links, but also can effectively enhance the website weight, the website construction industry, the number of a Qinhuangdao company website the reverse link has reached a staggering more than 60 thousand! And almost every day of the original content updates, such website weight is not high.

flow and quality should be the organic combination of general small and medium-sized enterprise website, quality is more important than flow. Large website, its profit model is advertising revenue, and the website mode of small and medium sized enterprises but in the keywords ranking. So the site to flow, such as Sina, Sohu, access to more people, the more the advertising to attract users. Small websites, especially business website, choose keywords, the optimization of the site is very necessary. But there is no flow quality of the site, the general performance of the site high weight, included the amount of good, and some words very highly ranked, but >

site construction production and site optimization process, there are always a lot of things, also let many webmaster confused, even complain constantly. For example, always adhere to update the original content, but the keywords ranking is couldn’t get on; some of the content included the number and the number of backlinks, the performance is quite good, but the keywords ranking is couldn’t get on some sites; although the flow is good, one day to visit IP, but are some of the long tail word of no great importance, even with the optimization the website without related words. There is no flow quality, there is no browsing conversion, so many webmaster is very embarrassing. How to break through the tangled? So as to avoid the misguided website optimization effective

Although ?

, a breakthrough: there are no tangled weight ranking

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