Website optimization 3 months experience

Forum Forum for new sites, forum signature has a certain weight but is not high, is included in the Forum Post search engine weight will be given in the corresponding forum, top posts in the top 3 floors of the top posts penetrating useful, will be included in the content, the Title Creative posts to attract eyeball love Shanghai, original the connotation of the post even if no one top search engine sooner or later will be included, non original high-quality Posts even be included is deleted, the post is best not to add links.

3, the other way: to be honest, I think that 3 months is a failure, because the main site for the 3 months of my method is forums and blogs, classification of information and links to love Shanghai, but rarely, not to mention the other way outside the chain, in fact, classified information and links to the website of Shanghai love the optimization is very helpful.


entered the website optimization this industry also has 3 months, if you ask me this 3 months of what has been learned, I can definitely tell you very quickly: I learned to bubble forum, and bubbles are not standard. As the weekend station was drop right, plus the old station has been fixed down, I think: the 3 months I learned exactly what? Entangled in this issue, I am here to sum up the experience of 3 months.

blog: unlike other owners, raising tens of hundreds of blogs, I only opened 6 blogs, the beginning of each blog post the original article, so my blog will soon be included, slowly become lazy, not the original blog began, the natural effect is not good as before. The reason is not because people become lazy lazy, but the heart become lazy, because did not affect the basic blog on the website optimization keywords ranking, is the most publicity, more traffic, That’s all.

1 Forum: at the beginning, I every day of the original article, at the same time to a different forum every day, and finding some new forum. The original article is really gratifying and hateful, like many members of the top posts, Posts soon love Shanghai included, sad is that many lazy webmaster with the fast speed of my article theft to other forums, of course also removed the link. So later I learned that a lazy webmaster, this trick does not shine, so I have to worry about being a webmaster scold, also worried that the effect is not as good as before, later, I even did not post the theft, not made directly. My station was drop right, the fact that the webmaster or to be diligent, in addition, the forum suitable for new sites, not suitable for the old station.

optimization experience: 3 the most important point in the optimization method, thought: Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng implementation, Shanghai Longfeng, every site has a web site for this.


blog: blog for the optimization of the general experience of keywords, not much advantage for popular keywords; original content to be included, pseudo original not successful is not easy to be included; after the establishment of blog do not easily change the title, otherwise it will suspend the collection; free blog included less; compared with popular keywords, blog is more suitable for publicity and traffic.

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