The new site within a month how to effectively implement Shanghai dragon combat operations share

then, after half a month, has included the nobility baby fast hundreds of pages, but fell in love with the sea is still not updated snapshot is just the next snapshot, only this feel gratified. The author in the blog post reply issued by the chain, was basically controlled in a blog one or two messages, add up to almost hundreds of links, and then apply for the six portal blog post, was basically in a blog article, according to the key word related articles were published but on the whole, the blog of the article in 20 following. Slowly, love Shanghai included, there are 20 pages, but the love Shanghai snapshot is fast and slow, and today, every three days has been reached, I even began to wonder whether the excessive optimization.



a few days after the release time is OK, but behind because the website space in foreign Godaddy, GD and DNS and is often blocked, this leads to what I spent two or three days to find the web space, finally found a Hongkong, when the entire web site in the search engine in the sea only included the front page, the nobility the baby is relatively more included, the site began to have good development. In the space of normal after a few days, every day I look at the main keywords such as trophy custom, produced medals, ranking fell in love with the sea is untouchable.

, because it is a new site and is the first enterprise station, is to add the contents of the product, so to find a lot of products are familiar with and make the picture, but every time the new trophy medals are not much description, so that each product pages are very similar, only the contents of the middle image and a few different the descriptive statement, so in Shanghai love inside become weight is very low, but the enterprise station is a must step.

finally, I publish information on the website and classification of information industry, is a registered user, fill in the information and the company, and take on the site, but the effect is not very obvious.

first of all, thank you for reading, this is a story about a new website for the effective implementation of Shanghai Longfeng practice in a month, you may have encountered, perhaps you haven’t, I hope this article can give you a little inspiration. Trophy is a wholesale network customized trophy site, so the site name because it has limited the website keyword not too much, only trophies and medals and three major signs of the first big words in their oral language, but the author of this project from PHP programmers leave out business, really not easy. The website project was officially launched in National Day after the program development and graphic design for half a month, which as far as my experience to carry out the planning and website interface landscaping, try to give the best user experience. Domain name choice has been idle for two years before the, the weight is not high, the line on the website before the major search engines included only a single digit. Then, in October 28th officially released on-line net trophy.

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