Using WP Keyword Link to automatically add WordPress website articles within the chain



Options for KeywordLink column setting key parameters, "two box number" keyword matching are fill in 1. In general an article without matching 2 repeat keywords. Keywords self chain "refers to the keyword link to the past article if it contains the words will not automatically generate links. "Skip pre tag" option if the tick is not HTML pre tag inside link. Pre is a free format label. "Link" in the Page page in the default tick. The author choose "can support the copyright consciousness".

WP Keyword Link is an automatic generation of keywords within the chain chain WordPress plugin. Since the automatic why use? If I can do link automatic is good. The difference between stations operating out of the site owners know automatic and semi-automatic lies in human nature. Rely on automated machine program to help you complete the link operation, there will be a lot of visitors and you don’t want to see the content. A good example can see, love is love Shanghai encyclopedia products in Shanghai, so when love Shanghai search terms of Wikipedia will often rely on the former. But the common search will find in other search engines (such as Google) search for the same word, love is also in front of Shanghai. They are competing, why natural search case love Shanghai encyclopedia or by before? Careful people can go to the chain structure under the encyclopedia will understand. Back to the topic, we first set the parameters of WP Keyword Link.


in the admin menu "plug-in" – "installing plug-in" search WP Link and install Keyword. In the setting of WP Keyword column to find Link, the first is "KeywordLink". Keywords Link Keyword fill, fill. The parameters of red box I choose First Match Only (only the first matching keywords), New Window (open new window from Is (Affiliate), whether in the chain, I usually do in the chain), For zh_CN (support Chinese)?. No Follow (tracking link), the chain is not checked, the chain link tracking according to choose whether or not. More detailed check box parameters refer to the "help" column of the Chinese description. Set up save. "The automatic label as the keyword" this option will link to process the label as tags, set the details when it comes to this option use of long tail keywords.

Related Options column set "related articles, code and list > below before and after the red box set list

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