Love Shanghai Search Ranking began testing the new revision of the page

in addition, after the revision of the Search Ranking strengthen the present search hotspot of regional, population. By the "regional wind vane" as an example, users simply click on the map in an area, you can see the local hot news; select three comparisons, the user can see the different top hot words, hot words with the mouse automatically marked red.


after the revision, love Shanghai Search Ranking done a lot of optimization in information navigation, list segmentation, such as the old version of the left navigation bar to the middle; real time hot spots will still occupy the home page on the left side of a screen position. Compared with the old version, version number list list covers reached nearly 100; for film and television drama, variety, animation, novels of two segments.

display mode, the new version of Search Ranking show the hot spot in the picture and the form of keywords, in the "Fengyun newsletter" and "entertainment" plate, also joined the text, pictures, video and other presentation.

love Shanghai Search Ranking increase in real-time news show


technology news November 16th noon news, has been in the planning for the internal test love Shanghai Search Ranking page (贵族宝贝), today quietly began to open test, and later switched to conduct a comprehensive plan. Compared with the old edition version of the singular list increased by two times, and increase the regional search hot show.

love Shanghai Search Ranking relevant responsible person said, "the user’s web browsing and search behavior itself can reflect the dynamic social public opinion". Positioning and love Shanghai Search Ranking, is become the hotspot gateway. At present, Shanghai love Search Ranking home is still improving, and plans to conduct a comprehensive handover later.

At the same time in the


The new version of

according to reports, the list of all love Shanghai Search Ranking ranked users love sea search volume of hot words based on all the technology, but also did not involve any commercial initiatives.

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