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on the surface, in the face of different types of websites of our focus should be not the same. Website optimization before I Dennis sharing experience in enterprise, we can learn from, optimize a enterprise stand based score is very important, it is the starting point website maintenance operations. And for the other types of sites, in fact, is the same. No matter the type of site is a form of how the optimal score based website must improve. The structure of the layout of the website, the code is simplified, title writing, META tags, keywords set position and site open speed is required to do any website optimization Shanghai dragon. This update later in the content to be able to do the relevant content, information, in order to obtain the trust of the search engine.


the same point will remain on the basis of the website optimization Website optimization, and when we do the basic optimization, according to the site types of depth optimization. The site types also means the site to show the content to the user experience is also different. It should be done separately, targeted to do so even if, or equally based optimization to good site points will be because of relevance and experience links will be kicked out of effective ranking.

furthermore, comprehensive website layout isfastidious, although the website shows the content is different, but the layout of the core is to retain users, reduce the bounce rate, increase the user experience. The common feature that formal optimization techniques merge points the same between different types of websites. Do a good site layout, is when the user enters a page or landing page can according to the recommendation to guide the user to click Browse rather than close to exit the site directly, so as to allow the search engine to the site good ranking.

content of the website we will be classified into four types, different types of sites in the optimization of those is to treat it? Is still in the layout! This is a contradiction, layout optimization is a basic part of optimization must be done, and different types of websites of different audiences. The demand also has the difference, then based on the optimization in the layout structure of the site to build the difference. The user needs to find all kinds of sites the biggest concern, then the layout in most parts of the forum website quality, so it can retain users. Different from the basis of optimizing the layout, it is the combination of network users and make further analysis demand analysis pattern, so that it can further improve the site conversion rate.

Shanghai dragon seems to have become one of the now synonymous with web site promotion, in face of the different types of Web site optimization is the same as our focus? This can be said to be different people have different views. Now if the network according to the division of the site’s content can be divided into enterprise station, blog, navigation and shopping mall, then according to the different website we want to how to treat? The author Dennis today and a website optimization analysis way to seek common ground.

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