Need from three aspects of structured development optimize the staff of success

site optimization, we can be divided into one for the station optimization knowledge, one is to optimize the knowledge outside the station. Optimization, optimization of our station, including code and key tags on our website content optimization, keyword optimization URL address, layout optimization, station optimization is mainly for the construction of the chain. These things may seem very simple, but the real mastery, but we need to optimize the rational use of personnel under certain effort to learn. In order to more vivid description of the optimization of the structure of knowledge, the author has prepared a picture, as shown below:

, a

2: learning from our competitors. Our competitors site optimization, must have their own good, so we need to study the opponent’s forte, set a word is to imitate, in innovation, and then beyond.



1: do we need to construct the basic optimization, more knowledge is easier to be ignored, and the details of things affect our optimization. I recommend you read "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2" optimization, serious will let you lay a good foundation for the next more handy.

three, the optimization of the data structure of

3: make reasonable planning optimization. Optimization is a long-term project, not shouting big 100 days can successfully work, are of vital importance in every stage and optimized, which stage how to do, as the optimization personnel should first develop well, the author found that the error optimization method are many optimization personnel aimlessly, so easy to make our site is in a passive situation. We need in every stage of the optimization of formulation perfect optimization planning.

any optimization personnel are required by the success of our thinking makes knowledge into effect, because the only way to make you more optimization of migrant workers identity, technical personnel become a real optimization, so the optimization for a staff optimization of thinking will be the key to your success. The author first points classic optimization thinking method:

generally, we analyze the optimization of the site data >

two, Shanghai dragon thinking structure

Shanghai Dragon Figure

structure, node is a combination of meaning, structure is the construction of meaning, the definition of our people is that we want to optimize all the knowledge and events of the site optimization and dynamic search engine, combined with the site. Site optimization in the process of construction, we should optimize the structure of their own skills of words, which include optimizing knowledge structure, optimize the structure of thinking and optimize the structure of data analysis, the author below will be around the three share their experiences.

personnel knowledge structure optimizationIn fact, it is easy to construct the knowledge structure of

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