Method of optimization of local portal nets


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1, the website title tags: home page set 1 to 3 keywords can, such as "Taihu – Wuxi Information Port people the most popular delicacy, cars, shopping, group purchase, personnel services, real estate information network" can be seen this includes the target keywords "Taihu nets" "Wuxi Information Port" Wuxi real estate "information network" 3 key words: as shown in figure

a Meta tag,

Optimization of


Meta tag for Shanghai dragon optimization is a crucial step, is also the Shanghai dragon Er staff the most important, the Meta tag is nothing more than the title tag, Keywords tag and description tag.

3, website Keywords tag: why put this last one, because the love of Shanghai forum can now know love Shanghai ranks have given up the label, so as not to write and write. Figure:

Optimization of


H1 and ALT tag plays a very important role for the optimization, can be said that if you want to let the spider crawling and crawling integrity, ALT picture labels must be good. Did the portal know local portal will be involved in many channels including local delicacy, local scenery, local information, pictures can play with role, although the user can read the picture, but the spider did not identify the picture, so we have to show pictures with ALT tags. Figure: H>

two, Meta tag

Xiaofan 11 years after graduation to contact the construction site, of course, use the free space, try to build a lot of Taobao company. At that time, although only interested, but I am also very serious to learn all kinds of knowledge and the establishment of Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques. Use the domain name free up optimization is very difficult, but as long as we will still make money, good now, during the free space station, who I have accumulated a lot of experience about doing the station, later, I suddenly thought of a local life portal, I feel very grown up space for the future development of the local site. And I search the local portal, and not a sound,. So this is an opportunity for me, today I will talk about how to optimize the local personal portal.

description tags: description tags for the user experience is very important, can write like this: "Wuxi Taihu network (www.taihuwang贵族宝贝) the people of Wuxi are the most popular information network, the integration of Wuxi information port, Wuxi information network, Wuxi network group purchase, Wuxi talent service network, Wuxi real estate information network resources, provide consumer guide to life for the people of Wuxi, the network marketing channel of Wuxi merchants required." I think it is attractive to users, and users to search the contents of. Figure:

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