Love Shanghai’s recent moves frequently intended to regain official discourse

2, Shanghai Dragon: from the beginning of June 30th, Shanghai began to use love to grab against invitation code to promote the first.

optimization market all "Heroes" produced by the so-called "love Shanghai" the weight of query site, provide website weight inquiry service to the small owners, but in fact we all know these sites provide reference data is limited, but due to the real authority: love Shanghai and do not provide the corresponding query tool, which makes we hold "is not strong" attitude, to find some references for their website weight. Recently, Shanghai love continue in this aspect of the force, launched the following service tool, let the webmaster and Shanghai ER in Shanghai Longfeng love optimization have more official basis:

, a "love Shanghai" have been released, the establishment of official authority

as Chinese search field worthy of the name "boss", love Shanghai almost is the first choice for the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng site, is also the main source of traffic site search. But compared to the worldwide influence of noble love baby, Shanghai people like PR lack of clear weight standards, but not as noble as baby care to all search engine optimization of the detailed explanation of how to get better optimization results, and in the interaction between the webmaster, obviously love Shanghai do not go far enough. It is in this context, the domestic gradually appeared more and more to find the so-called "love Shanghai" the weight of the website, but they give the result can only be "non official, non authoritative" folk standard, lack of love in this area in Shanghai is very serious.

it is because of love and Shanghai itself in the webmaster about the optimization of long time "not as" the love of Shanghai was a direct result of optimization without authority unified standard, "the folk standard" gradually rampant authority and image of love if things go on like this for Shanghai itself will have a negative impact on. I believe love Shanghai will see the "current optimization chaos", if not hit for love Shanghai in the webmaster’s image and future market consolidation are threatened. Therefore, from the recent love Shanghai operation, frequently shot reflects its intention in optimizing the market image of the heavy tree, what is the significance for our webmaster and Shanghai dragon ER? Today let us explore together.

1, included the number of query tools: after the love of Shanghai launched its statistical tools, give full play to its advantages in products of this statistical tool, the website of many useful tools are integrated into the Shanghai index, such as love love Shanghai billboard. But in these tools, the most attractive when the number included the number of query tools, "recently love Shanghai official position again, inform the owners to use site: command syntax query included the number is not accurate, the most accurate is the use of love Shanghai statistics included the number of query tools to check the results, we can see that the love of Shanghai for this special attention and promotion tools.

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