Strengthen governance to improve search engine website dead page affinity

Second methods of

must first understand what is called "dead page, generally speaking, dead page mainly include two aspects, one is not index value to the search engine page, such as web pages without content, or is itself dead links, especially the landing page, the page based registration page and repeat. Another is that there is no demand for the dead page page to the user, this is mainly the dead page website uses some keywords cheating optimization strategy, a search engine optimization strategy, but for the user does not need to know, so this page is called the dead page.

mainly has the following several methods for treatment of the dead page. The first can be handled, although they can be "blocked by HTML in the robots and nofollow properties, but these methods have some defects, is the effective cycle will be relatively long, is not conducive to the website optimization effect, so the best way is manual processing, for these pages to optimize, especially those just for optimization search engine page, to return to high quality content, even the login page, the website can also place some explanatory text, enhance the user’s understanding of the way, so as to enrich the content of the website, and then will become loose.

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, some long-term invalid page, can shield the entrance way, such as on the website does not leave a link supply user clicks, such "general users to browse, in addition can also adopt robots method of this kind of" once and for all completely blocked, such as some websites the JS page, the page is often used as advertising content for search engines need not included, and even included, will not have much affection for this website, so these ads can be used completely invalid page attribute of the robots shield.

third methods for some relative "treatment," general relativity is a variant of a dead page, not what used to search engine, but for the user has some use, landing pages, registration pages and website order pages are dead page such relativity relatively strong, if not this part of the page by adding content to enhance the "quality, the method can also learn from the front, through the nofollow property of these" shield, it still has a good affinity for the search engine.

is a website operation time, web page the greater scale of death, this dead page exists, not only has the very good user experience for users, but also have serious adverse effects on the search engine, and even let the search engine spiders collection difficult depth ", leading to the site included the rate of decline, which affects the weight of the website and website ranking, thus strengthening governance is a dead page optimization effect is very important, so how to improve the site management

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