Shanghai Longfeng need to abandon the traditional seeking innovation

now that the original article is of high value, but not completely. If your original article is very high, but the articles of no value to anyone, what is the effect of love? Shanghai will certainly consider this point, so that the original article not only out of it, but also consider anyone see. More people see the love of Shanghai, according to the statistics of the results, will give you the weight of articles and websites more; instead, nobody was watching, then your original and copy, in fact, the weight of the gap is not great.

through the statistics, search engines can better evaluate the value of ". So, optimizing the trend in the future, must be based on the user experience, as a good webmaster, must bring their own website to improve the user experience, customer retention. So, your website ranking will be getting better and better, it is difficult to go beyond.

1. ranking depends on your user experience

here, I put these years some experience optimized for everyone to share, let everyone know, in fact, the keyword, the chain has really gone.

2008 do optimization, at that time, just when the Internet boom started, the people who do the Internet is also very small, when the opportunity is, as long as you enter this industry, have high income. Of course, when that time is just the rise of the Shanghai dragon industry, also love Shanghai but has just set up soon. The period of the Shanghai dragon, piling up some key words, some mass outside the chain, your site in the first row, very easy.

we see, webmaster statistical tools are more and more to provide more and more functions, and continue to love Shanghai cooperation of these statistical tools website, but also constantly improve the statistical tools of their own, so this is why? The core technology of the traditional search engine is semantic search, according to your word (you can also understand, word) to search for the most relevant content, because this mechanism is easy to be cheating by, so now the search engine ranking based on statistics is gradually turning. For example, a web page ranking, before I focus on the website how many keywords, attention is now visiting your site who stay on your site and how much time.

I always feel that a good webmaster, a good optimization, should not be bound by tradition, should keep pace with the development of search engines, more new Shanghai dragon core elements optimization.

2. will be from the original article


in the blink of an eye, five years later, the calculation of the search engine has undergone tremendous changes, data mining, artificial intelligence, many new technologies have been incorporated into the calculation, but the pace of development, really keep up so quickly the webmaster is not much, the optimization process for so many years, I did not encounter a lot of put forward innovative ideas in Shanghai Longfeng people on the more discussion, or keyword density, outside the chain, such as compared to a traditional problem.

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