The analysis of Chengdu Shanghai dragon rental network problems

6, in Shanghai love to search "Chengdu rental housing" keywords, website r>

The use of

no matter what, all the problems existing in the Links website, there are signs of punished by search engine. Which of course will have a negative impact on this website.

through the observation that "Chengdu housing" keyword does not appear in the cd.soufun贵族宝贝 page title, but a good ranking, if we add the keyword in the title? I believe the effect will be very good. Because, from the cd.soufun贵族宝贝 page through the navigation bar can easily reach贵族宝贝, so if cd.soufun贵族宝贝 has a very good ranking in the "Chengdu housing", it can also be a lot of users to the site. The aim will be achieved.

4, Links inspection found that the website sc51m. Com love Shanghai included page 1, in time for the August 26, 2011, time is longer, more serious is that the site is currently not open.

5, H1, Strong etc. label confusion. The use of too much H1, Strong, also reflect their importance.

1, 404 pages is not set, the problem may lead to a search engine on the website of the lower degree of trust.

2, the Robots file is not set, for example, when a 404 page, can set the Disallow: /404.html robots file, the purpose is to keep the search engines like the "useless" page, in order to disperse the website weight.

3, love Shanghai search "Chengdu housing", the first domain name cd.soufun贵族宝贝 ranking in the second page, and贵族宝贝 row in the fourth page third, even if the site贵族宝贝 to "Chengdu rent" keywords for the page title, behind, still ranked in the website of cd.soufun贵族宝贝 thus, a gap between the obvious weight.

is the major sites like SouFun, also a listed company, think of these, not only make people have a sense of worship in. But a careful study of its website, there are still a lot of, I dare to write out these questions, of course this is risked the prawns and passers-by paizhuan.

through the "Chengdu rental" search, we found that the top-ranking website is two level domain name or a directory structure, so our website to form贵族宝贝 no advantage.

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