Talk about your operation enterprise product keyword ranking rising way


secondly, the positioning of the site for this one, general company received the list is a corporate website optimization keywords or long tail keywords of this point, whether it is key or key words long tail, I will be in the home, with the primary key as the core, long tail keywords slowly my title is derived, 2-3 a long tail in the title, when you are on the long tail keywords, you will find the key I have greatly improved, this position is what I call the site selection of key words, this is for the optimization of the key word is crucial.

first, after getting a website, do not worry the hair of the chain, some friends arranged a website is to do outreach, but I want to do is to adjust the internal structure of some I don’t think so, so after the chain will also work effort, what is this? For example say, URL, here I do not emphasize the 301 jump, after which the customer site space is not in their own hands, it is difficult to grasp, the absolute address is total so I can do as far as possible, the weight oriented www domain name, these are what we need to do the preliminary work, optimization another point is that the internal structure of a web page, don’t let each become a island, seen so many low-key film, believe on the island or feeling quite, when you put each copy of a web page are linked together And you will find that the internal structure of website has slowly been touched you in the hand, will slowly understand the links between web content values, after all, the structure of the website in a piece of my eyes very is also important in the enterprise web site, after all the H1 tags, time navigation, etc. are some of the details hand, as long as the guarantee that your site is very helpful to keyword ranking has been recognized with the sea.

remember the earlier operation for enterprise website, enterprise website keyword ranking also improved erudite, according to these, it sorted out a small document, record yourself in some ways and methods of these products ranking rise, so the author in his own way. This way, maybe for after more optimization is a reference to.

finally, website maintenance, for this one last remaining enterprise website maintenance, maintenance that is outside the chain and content, on the chain, to this point, there are 2 points, but I still focus on the anchor text links, anchor text, I have been to the long tail as the main, live keyword Deputy general 7:3, the proportion of the long tail, will be in focus in order to better from the angle of the long tail, from the perspective of the flow, to enlarge this website a value from the aspect of value, and the way of the chain, is nothing more than a forum, and blog, every day to do the chain 30-40 Forum blog, about 10, need to update the article every day, and then take the anchor text link, but 163 blog link has been nofollow off, a blog also slowly fade out.

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