To explore the rebate website jjpm promotion mode

3. provides online services

is the author of some of the ideas above rebate network jjpm promotion, hoping to give some inspiration and more webmaster, you have a better idea and can also contact me, this article from the cash back rebate network address: 贵族宝贝fanxianba贵族宝贝/ bar, also welcome to reprint, please retain the copyright, thank you

webmaster gave up the bidding promotion of negative jjpm promotion makes more new sites, but I believe that as long as the good use of jjpm promotion, can also bring a lot of benefits in the rebate website, I think that the rebate network jjpm promotion can be optimized from the following three aspects.


rebate network mode, now many owners choose to start Taobao rebate shopping guide website, for promotion is the stunts, but when it comes to this kind of web jjpm promotion but could not get a few webmaster affirmation, most webmaster ideas are new no matter which are not hard and soft power competition with the established rebate network, a little attention will lose everything.

because there is a rebate concessions in the wide publicity, it is easy to attract consumer attention letter in the rankings, so do not have to have the first name, I personally think that the ranking of the third best, so no need to spend too much on cost, while the first horizon have enough chance to show. As long as consumers pay attention to your advertisement, the conversion rate is believed to be very high.

The promotion of Keywords

rebate website promotion with Taobao guest website is very different. Before Taobao promotion guests simply to guide customers to the store to buy the product, online customer service can need not to need, but the rebate network promotion must have always online customer service for customers to answer, or some questions customers will because no one answer and leave the rebate network. In order to improve the conversion rate, online customer service is essential.

With the promotion of

ranked 2.

if you use jjpm, I believe that many owners will be the first choice, "" cash back rebate network "network" and other strong related keywords to promote, there is no need to tell those old tit for tat rebate network (unless you do website is very powerful, very professional) we can give up a strong correlation to the product keywords keywords for that price, such as promotion: diet pills, our advertising content is about half off the weight-loss drugs, half of the contents of the rebate amount. So in so many have price only you a rebate network (I checked there is no such operation, and the webmaster) through your site can also rebate, believe that most of the consumer will choose to save money. It can avoid can’t stand competition against waste of advertising, can greatly improve the conversion rate of advertising.

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