The search engine of change 2011

5, many webmaster friends will give priority to do heat keywords, but popular keywords do rankings are in great need of time and resources, but also in front of some popular keywords beyond the bidding. On the contrary, the user search keywords to the length, so that the word more conversion. Another point is that in the fierce competition in the process of keyword optimization, unable to obtain the ranking in a long time, easily lead to your confidence in Shanghai Longfeng optimization and stick. So, choose reasonable keywords do the first optimization object is very important. After these words ranking is stable, we can consider adding some key words. < >

in the usual Shanghai dragon in the process of optimization, many webmaster without professional training, easy to master some of the so-called hearsay to experience, and tightly follow these practices to do, lead to site is down right and punishment can not find the reason. Today is to share some of Shanghai dragon er at work, because they do not know the change of the search engine algorithm, often into the typical Shanghai dragon myth:

4, updating the meaning and value of content. The webmaster friends stand is simply to make money, we need to optimize the keywords to create value for the website, when we update the content has nothing to do, is to create the trash content, we need to optimize the key off the home page in the contents list, resulting in weight loss over high value keywords. More and spam, or search engine to determine the rubbish site. So, we need to put high value keywords in the home and fixed in the upper left corner, key enterprises if there is no updated content, to update the comments, or fine-tuning of the content.

1, the deliberate pursuit of keyword density, increase keyword density is the Dragon Shanghai early optimization method, however, the search engine has adjusted the algorithm, to increase keyword density practices included in the category of cheating. Keyword density is kept at 2%-8%, has been out of date, can’t go on.

2, increasing Links to increase weight faster. According to the new algorithm of search engine, if the new Links increases too fast, one-way link to get too much, once beyond this value, it will be regarded as cheating. So, the new station should first do internal optimization, to ensure regular updates, and appropriately increase the part of the chain. Links increased faster than the average of other new sites, it will suffer drop right processing.

3, reflect the weights of the website is keyword ranking, when looking for Links does not need too much time on the other site snapshot, the other ranking is the key. For Links need only see the target keywords ranking, because we do have a chain and is usually placed on the home page, then the weight of target keywords ranking home page and have the most direct contact, so do friendship or judge each other when the high and low weight website direct analysis more accurate target keywords.

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