We use the tool to check data the data are not allowed to check how to break

we need to know that we want to see the contents of the query data included four aspects: the number of keywords ranking and long tail word ranking and web site traffic and other data, and do not look to see the problem. Then we know that the four data, go to find a way to query.

know these, we have allowed in the case even in the query tool, also can easily deal with, and believe the real Shanghai Longfeng Daniel, is to completely abandon the use of these tools, we as a rookie, should also be in this direction to work together.

long tail word ranking query, this point, Shanghai dragon world love Shanghai Webmaster Platform recommendations or reference data are given, compared with love and webmaster tools, statistics Shanghai love Webmaster Platform for website data more accurate. Of course, this does not rule out the existence of differences, but as long as we understand enough about a. To determine the direction of their optimization is accurate, only need to know the number of long tail words have not risen to.

we do believe that Shanghai dragon for data query tools are not unfamiliar, in spite of what are, but it seems not too accurate, especially after the recent Shanghai blue sky love update algorithm, data query is ridiculously poor. This time we want to ask, if the tools are not allowed, how are we going to query the actual data? Shanghai dragon world also annoyed for a long time, but finally found, in fact we can do this:

included number: This is the best of the investigation, we first analyze the web log, check whether the normal love Shanghai spider crawling, generally a week of a second step is enough; if you love Shanghai spider climb take normal, indicating the site is no problem, then check the site: web site, included several, see whether the new content is released, so basically you can determine whether a site problem. If not to the spider crawling, there is definitely a shielding spider web in place, if the website crawling but not released a new page on the web page, that love Shanghai score is not high enough, we need to send some outside chain to enhance the quality of the page.


keyword ranking query, this point is relatively easy, as long as we own the actual query to clear the cache just fine, but it is worth noting that the love of Shanghai regional algorithm for keywords ranking, in order to more realistic, we can find a friend to help check the other parts of the rankings, and then a comprehensive comparison will know. And China Unicom, mobile and telecommunications network, differences, rankings are also different. So for ranking fluctuations, as long as the little difference, we don’t have to worry about, you can continue to optimize.

site traffic query, I believe that many people are installed on the site traffic statistical tools, such as love Shanghai statistics, cnzz, 51 and so on, in order to "go out" as an example, in order to flow statistics app better, we installed in the background of multiple traffic statistics tool, comprehensive comparison the data more accurate detection.


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