The transformation of our attitude to avoid yegonghaolong smatterer

November 2010 Shanghai


In a conversation with ZAC

but until April of this year, I like many Shanghai dragon ER, webmaster, from March 31st Post Bar love Shanghai "webmaster club" Lee "on the generation of Q: on the nofollow properties of the link" post answer that "the love of Shanghai can grab pure text link information, nearly one and a half years. This, at least that I don’t focus on professional and authoritative information source media, learning attitude, there are a lot of problems.

love Lee clear that love Shanghai can grab text link


, a friend asked said: "now I think not what Shanghai dragon can learn, love Shanghai is the hair of the chain, GG is the real content, Shanghai dragon tips, Shanghai Dragon Master refused to disclose details, and these skills are an important part of" Shanghai dragon, he immediately got off the other "in the heart again" friend "Mr. ZAC echoed: Hello, as the students said, now the Shanghai dragon didn’t learn what love, Shanghai is the hair of the chain, Google is to do the content, do the user experience and what do you recommend to the webmaster"

learned that love Shanghai Post Bar "webmaster club" offline, recent assault view love Shanghai Post Bar "webmaster club" some posts, profitable; even find yourself a very red post – in November 2010 of "not submitted to the Shanghai love no reverse link why love Shanghai included" post reply love Shanghai, search engineer Lee clear that love Shanghai can be found and included pure text links: "we make clear: whether can link the identification and processing of pure text (non label)? The answer is in the search engine spider to discover and capture Internet links, the link is what form is not important. Maybe one day, we can identify the picture, voice, video or other what form of link".


yegonghaolong — this is the attitude now I and the vast majority of Shanghai dragon ER, the webmaster with professional technology! Yes, we are willing to own professional in more depth, but not willing to pay more to study professional, seriously study the industry insiders article writing — on the surface while we also highly respected professionals, even if zhuixingyizu, because some one or two experts have reason to attend a meeting and at the meeting, such as fans as well as with expert photo, signature, display in their own blog, space. It is not seen experts and authoritative articles, but never carefully studied expert, tracking the industry authority information at any time, not to mention it in the site practice. And often complacent, opinionated.

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