Brilliant weight of old domain name two see forum signature

also today also want to say is a new discovery! BBS signature links weight is really being diluted. Because I’m now on the railway station, there are dozens of stations and more! Because no way Yiyi write soft Wen to promote, so look for some before high weight Forum (such as outdated, A5) resources with signature to reply to the way to increase the chain! But the effect is not ideal, only two and a half years the flow of the station is close to one thousand, the other in between dozens of hundreds of flow around! Which illustrates the forum signature weight diluted a lot! Because last year I mainly do stand is to do with the forum signature, not to do Links, ranking is very competitive, but this does not work. Of course! I could be back, but last year in the high weight jar add a signature reply five hundred or six hundred posts, the ranking is also ow.


so in adjustment to the forum, as an auxiliary link growth, not to spend much energy to do that one! To write more relevant substantive articles is relatively strong and soft, with links in the article! Sent to all is not easy to be deleted in the forum. For example, I am now in operation.

the last witness the magic of the old domain name after "we witnessed the old domain brilliant weight (a)" in the A5 and Chinaz webmaster forum shopping, he saw several old webmaster about among the wise remark of an experienced person. The basic meaning is to open a new and old station to collect old ideas to do! Also can tell the old webmaster do stand experience from between the lines! With the recent rain in Shanghai LongFeng Railway Station case, is to select a previous or other old theme. Why do they do a project together than the rookie quickly, in addition to the resource network, there are some details, experience is also reflected from the side! So my last article – the old domain restart will continue a certain weight down! At least not the new domain name that starts from 0! Actually have been doing before the station should know that love in Shanghai two years ago to take care of the new algorithm is new! As long as the original content and constantly updated! With the chain continuously and orderly growth or buy a few links, ranking in the big update will be rushed to the front and even more of the old station! But this year began to love Shanghai seemed to have abandoned the new the domain name trust! Period longer! Before the new meters to rank quickly then down the situation seems to be hard to see! So the old domain name (think three years) is very competitive!


the last time I mentioned to do the resignation of Fan Wenzhan ( is a continuation of the weight down! Do the station post, sent the link lead spider, immediately a small row of long tail keywords up! We can use love station check should be able to see out there is a keyword and flow! Has been half a month, the weight remains, and not be thrown into the sandbox from the newly calculated love Shanghai! (now more than a month, is still about one hundred IP