Analysis of plan Pyramid sprocket strategy sprocket 30 stations


chain Figure topic! This is a

third, the flow of the sprocket. The whole process in the clockwise circulation in each weight subdivision of the case, will be within the group set to a power return to the site, and by a site will be increasing the weight to the next station group; in the weight increase in each group at the same time, by two independent sites to complete the chain weight increasing to master.

I in the station quickly upgrade mentioned Pyramid sprocket strategy love Shanghai ranked in the text, this set of stations showed a complete scheme of sprocket wheel to the principle of Pyramid, the higher the level, the weight is bigger, more can show the power station group.

30 station schematic analysis of

Pyramid Second,

cohesion alone. Each sent 3 stations outside the chain of other groups, and increasing the weight to the other two independent stations, will eventually complete weight increasing to the master station, complete chain scheme.

, the first packet weight. 30 sites were divided into 4 groups, a group of 7 stations, each station 2 stations outside the chain group, and increasing the weight to the middle of the balckberry1 group in this station, indirect sprocket structure group, and avoid being found in the search engine.

see? Here is the analysis of Luoping this plan, you also please exhibitions.

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chain wheel structure is composed of 30 sites, the station group currently on the market chain scheme should be very few stations standard software can do, personally think that unless their development of the station group software, it not difficult to perform, or manual execution, 30 station said there were many, say a lot less but, it is not an easy thing.

sprocket strategy

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