Love Shanghai new home on the line leading minimalism and intelligent trend of search

fell in love with the sea minimalist home on-line

to meet the needs of users, only need access to a search box, can get a variety of information aggregation intimate search, and intelligent people can connect with the service. For example, users search for "the Summer Palace" and other attractions, tourism Raiders, Goods are available in all varieties. crowding scenic, scenic maps, weather conditions and other scenic location; search for "Xun Zhou" movie star, Xun Zhou encyclopedia, pictures and video works even on the right side Everything is contained therein. information, intelligent recommendation can also show "Xun Zhou served as the 8 lover and" the relationship between the characters of romance. At the same time, in response to information above, minimalist search box can direct users demand, then search for songs "ordinary road", can be directly in the search results page and download songs, lyrics, and other intelligence services; when a user searches for "Beijing Shanghai", even if the input information is not complete, love can still direct Shanghai for Internet users to provide train tickets, flights consulting, check time, tickets and other integrated services; in addition, the minimalist search box to meet the "weather, traffic, Yaohao, express a single daily multi service case also be enumerated.

, the love of Shanghai new home after 6 months of experiment and test the formal launch of the new version of home will give users a more smooth and quick user experience. From the appearance point of view, the Shanghai version of the home page in line with the current trend of love minimalist design, quickly and easily access information and services by simplifying the design allows users, natural fusion of art and technology, so the search box is more minimalist style connotation, and at the same time, a symbol of wisdom of the Internet blue into each other, new faces China largest Internet Internet entrance.

as the main entrance for users love Shanghai, love Shanghai’s highly anticipated revision home. From the overall structure, retaining only the center of the page love Shanghai logo search box, users can access the top right corner of the page, hao123 news, maps, video, music, love, and Post Bar know Shanghai and other vertical search products. From the visual style, the adjusted proportion of the search box and custom "blue love" also officially launched the revision, the minimalist page language to further strengthen the "love Shanghai brand" and "love Shanghai" brand mark.

fell in love with the sea minimalist home

technology news July 31st morning news this morning, fell in love with the sea line minimalist home, so users can find everything fresh and new. After the love Shanghai home since the beginning of 2007, 7 years to become familiar to millions of users. This day Shanghai home face, the new home can be seen, the love of Shanghai is minimalist and practical way of intelligent search.

From the view of It is reported that

there is no doubt that only a search box to meet the 600 million user search requests, puts forward new challenges to the intelligent love sea minimalist home. In fact, a minimalist search box, relying on a strong background of technology and resources to meet user needs, rich and colorful, with the 2009 Shanghai love "Box Computing" line, on-line minimalist home, again.


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