A qualified Shanghai Longfeng executives need to have what qualities


3, master of management: Shanghai Longfeng supervisor is a leading figure, since it is leadership, must manage staff management the author does not understand, but the feeling is to follow the old saying: "use", each Shanghai dragon optimization personnel strengths may be different, for example: some aspects in the construction of the chain. Some of the station are good at, and soft skills. Shanghai dragon head is like an army combat instructor, how to take your "soldiers", how to make good use of your "soldiers", is in charge of Shanghai dragon must think about.

in the previous article: Shanghai Dragon Team: model to determine the success or failure in detail at present Shanghai Longfeng group mode, the core team in Shanghai Longfeng characters in Shanghai dragon head. Shanghai Longfeng supervisor is responsible for the entire Shanghai dragon team daily all optimization work, including the development of optimization scheme, web page design and other work. Therefore, in charge of a team in Shanghai Longfeng maximum pressure. As a qualified Shanghai Longfeng executives need to have what qualities?

1, smatters program: Shanghai dragon after all is to deal with the site and, since it is the website, must understand site procedures, such as HTML, the website optimization need to understand the point of HTML, but also have to consider the Shanghai dragon head website program of Shanghai Longfeng influence, such as the rational use of H1 the. What kind of code is more advantageous to the spider crawling, if the web application is using the online open source program. What kind of program is better in terms of optimization, which server is better, these are the Shanghai dragon supervisor must have knowledge of.

Shanghai Longfeng supervisor no ground for blame, understand a lot of knowledge, including website program, Shanghai dragon optimization etc.. I think that a qualified supervisor must be a lot of "Shanghai dragon smatters in skills, proficient in the minority". Shanghai Longfeng supervisor is a "compound talents".

static: impetuous is do optimization taboo, Shanghai dragon is dull repetition, Shanghai Longfeng supervisor according to the search engine changes, a reasonable adjustment scheme of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon.


2, master optimization: Shanghai dragon head after all is mainly in terms of optimization, it needs a wealth of experience, have successful cases. In the station optimization, including the structural design of the website, the website chain planning, the choice of keywords and insights. To cooperate with the company to carry out network marketing.

: Shanghai dragon as steady as Mount Tai is a test of mental work, the pressure is on the Internet as can be imagined, the competition is so fierce, you have to face the opponent may be more powerful than you, but "food Jun Lu, Jun divided worries, facing a strong opponent, first not in disarray. Survive adversity will be as steady as Mount Tai mentality, so that only "to stabilize the morale of the troops".

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