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through the ability to make money, what do you mean? This ability includes skills, including technical thinking. If you have proficiency in a particular line can be through the use of their own, then the skills to meet the needs of others to make money.

Hello, I am bars, net is super pianerjing. The effect of the last article is very hot. Many friends and my friends have asked me for experience. At the request of you, in this next article, I will combine my personal experience, specific analysis of ideas and skills to make money online. Don’t talk much. Let’s begin:

and our reality is not very like? Yes, are common, as long as you have proficiency in a particular line, the network provides a very good platform for the display and customer source for you. It can make people from all corners of the country gathered together, save the time and cost of screening customers, but also to allow customers to be more intuitive.

and then continue to try a lot of promotion, until now gradually found some form of promotion methods suitable for their own. Among it, welcome to discuss with me:

, let’s give you an example. Everybody should know the Witkey network. What is Witkey? Witkey is people who can bring value to others through their own skills. What is Witkey network? Witkey network is a platform for providing people with skills and skills and those who need it urgently. For example, I like design, LOGO design is a master, then I can find Witkey who needs this skill I, by meeting their needs, to make a profit. For example, for example, I am a good lawyer, legal disputes, so I can give those who need to solve legal disputes. Or is the need to write legal documents to provide services to meet their needs, to make a profit.

2. makes money through ability



1. earn money by working


+ + special keyword search box; the relative single page will be some trouble, but to do rankings is relatively easy, because the page is relatively more, and can be added to update the website or blog article system, so as to enrich the thematic content, increase the correlation and flow, and continue to attract the spider crawling website.

can’t remember what year, first contact Taobao customer first, what does not feel special, just as an ordinary union. Registered on the site, and then put the code, the impression seems to have what harvest, so alone. At that time, the only advantage is that Taobao customer settlement timely, there is no limit to the amount of withdrawals. After about a year or so, because Taobao has not before the guest what income for a long time even mom in the background is not landed, so I wanted to make one of the Taobao navigation website shut off. Mom accidentally opened a back view, surprising is that income, remember too is about 200 yuan, open the web site statistics view, the original site has several keywords ranking in sh419, sh419 daily from about 100 to IP, more surprise is the transformation of these the IP rate is very high, basically every day a list of transactions, the most memorable two times, is a guest since the highest Commission of 160 yuan, a transaction is the largest number of products list more than 800, 1 yuan / piece, ha ha.

if you request Wangzhuan is not high, a day income 10 yuan, 20 yuan can feel, are willing to spend a lot of time to do a thing, so these methods can be used as a reference, but I think most people are not willing to do so, the vast majority of people are equal to the input to output or is greater than the investment, how to do, look down.

is for sure!

based on the Internet, through the method of labor to make money are what? Is a code, help others post, help others to send messages, help others to do the questionnaire and so on a series of no technical content, do not need to think, as long as willing to do can do. The characteristics of these methods is there is no threshold, as long as you are willing to pay the time will be able to do it, but at the same time, these methods also have a feature, belong to the skilled trades, operating income is not high generally monotonous. In the income chain, the lowest level. Often a lot of time and effort, but the value of returns is very low.

API website, that everyone is familiar with it without.

because of the income, then slowly put in a local site also put the Ali Mama advertising, delivery on time and with long click advertising now click should no, remember that there is a advertisement recommendation function, remember it is a week once again, the first my long time advertising is the use of the recommended function to come, do not remember is 2 dollars or three dollars a week, while advertisers will not do because of billboards, or with my dear PS Kung Fu put several pictures together help to do it, for this work one afternoon. I think after all giggling, I think that two or three dollars I should pay more attention to the value of

whether traditional industries, or the Internet, we have a total of three ways of thinking, I will give you two listed below.

+ + single page keyword search box don’t underestimate the search box, a lot of the time this promotion will be higher than other income; the most simple method, our approach is to put the channel code copy, and then design some description for this page, the key word and title this is important. Then do some chain for this page, the keywords ranking do go up, do what the word you see how many resources, new words, a long tail is an easy thing.

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