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editor’s note for cross-border electricity supplier import industry, many people are eagerly waiting to see, want to get a slice from here, but I do not know where to start, but I do not know how deep the water. Whether it is increasingly clear policy, or more and more service optimization, many positive factors, but compared to the domestic electricity supplier, the maturity of the entire industry is still far from enough. Imports of electricity supplier supply chain, customs clearance, logistics and other links are divided into many nodes, it seems complicated and cumbersome, but it is these nodes for practitioners to see the opportunities and potential.

January 2016, the project received 13 million 800 thousand yuan of angel financing, by IDG capital, the Qing Branch group led, rich capital, east rich sea, with capital investment. Currently, Liu Wei generals product platform rolled out, including iOS, Android, the website, the public number, covering about 500 thousand employees in three new board.

2, sea Amoy goods through the postal transport channels accounted for 80% to 90% of the share, because the post has qualified for personal belongings clearance. Commercial express strictly speaking, can not do personal belongings, but now the commercial express company also through more obscure way, through the system customs clearance in walking some personal belongings.


6, the cross-border electricity supplier of imported bonded direct mail is a new way of large quantities of goods from overseas shipped directly to the bonded warehouse, parked in the warehouse, when generating orders and then shipped out from the warehouse, which is very advantage. In other words, the goods in general trade way into bonded warehouse, scattered processing or packaging, sorting and then sent out.


4, sea Amoy mainly through the transfer mode, because overseas businesses and electricity providers do not provide direct mail to china. There are a number of overseas direct mail to provide China’s electronic business platform, but no one can really achieve psychological expectations, because this direct mail prices are very exaggerated. A more than 600 yuan clothes, estimated tax is about 300 yuan, DHL postage of more than 200 yuan, a total of more than 500 yuan. As a result, many delivery platforms were born.

"rhino star" products have two: PC end of the new three board portal, the new three board service tool App.

user registration, platform synchronization address book, according to two degrees of contacts algorithm, recommend more new three board practitioners. For new three board enterprise entrepreneurs, providing investors looking for, looking for brokers, lawyers, looking for accountants and other functions. For investors, brokerages, accountants, the "pulse" has become the source of their search for quality projects. So far, "rhino star" covering institutions brokers, new three board fund, law firms, etc. about 4000.

note: Liu Weiwu has confirmed that the data in the document is true and that the pencil will be endorsed by him for authenticity of the content.

weak new three board enterprise


originally, Liu Weiwu is a shy person; a business, his avatar circle of friends point like kuangmo". Originally, he put WeChat name plus enterprise name "new three board App rhinoceros star", so, he once every point, the circle of friends will see a brand exposed. "My circle of friends, investors, brokers, many people, much to see, they will remember this brand."."


3, cross-border personal goods are tightening, and getting tighter, because the goods are indeed very messy.

"rhino star" was founded in September 2015 by Liu Weiwu. Its products are two: PC end, the new three board portal, the new three board service tool App.

7, previously, the sea Amoy contains two layers of meaning, the first is to overseas websites scouring things, and second is Amoy import East

senior practitioners talk about the sea Amoy: each node has entrepreneurial opportunities

portals include enterprise libraries, libraries to be listed, original morning paper, in-depth reports, new three board research reports and other content; "rhino star" App is the main self selection and "throwing pulse" function.

, general manager of Guangzhou state and the development of supply chain management company Yang Xuehai Weiyun for cross-border electricity supplier import industry expressed their views. The following is a summary of the state power grid nine to its point of view:

on the thirty, others are busy to grab a red envelope, Liu Weiwu has been "focused" praise.

5, in transport mode, the site to buy goods from abroad sent forwarder warehouse, and then through the postal service, business express way, eventually to form personal items, relying on the lack of supervision of the "black channel".

| pencil reporter Xue Ting

1, in the process of scouring the sea, while the domestic consumer, while overseas businessmen, in the middle by a red line to split, that is, the customs will be divided into the territory and abroad. The entire logistics channel and the environment and the domestic is not the same, at this time was born overseas warehouses, transshipment and overseas express service industries.

some people say that the new board is China’s nasdaq." "There is a fellow of the company is going to the new board?"." … Shenzhen… A Hunan restaurant room, a dozen 80 entrepreneurs drinking beer, talk to be in full swing.

table is authentic Hunan, is surrounded by uniform ", this is the" Hunan Yazi Hunan "from Hunan mobile Internet entrepreneurship organizations monthly dinner banquet. Bright forehead, round face is president Liu Weiwu, during the banquet, >


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