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recently, many traditional media people have resigned, opened the public number, starting from the media. Nowadays, young people have found new ways to earn money through live forms. And, like Luo Ji’s thinking and Papi sauce, web red formed its own brand through content. There is no doubt that this is the opportunity for content entrepreneurs to get the best out of their own business value. The contents of many entrepreneurs haven’t think clearly what to do is the content of entrepreneurial wave swept away, nishajuxia. Content entrepreneurship era can not "shoot head officer", regardless of who, should use a clear and sober eye to observe this "content bonus" period.

content entrepreneurship problems


4, 28 speed, play games, make friends in addition to care whether Duijiang, should be most concerned about the stability of the site is, if every two or three days open the page, make friends enthusiasm will disappear, if the network abnormal site, make friends need vigilance, identification this site is very popular, while the influx of people caused by too much, or the server sucks. A network stability site, but also to give credit points.

lucky 28 new sites have emerged, for 28 fans is a good thing, after all, can choose the site to increase, but we should also see that the lucky money Sitao, Volume 28 site account theft events frequently happened! So identify a 28 site credibility is 28 fans have to face things. This article only talk about personal views, hope to earn the lazy people make friends help.

2, sh419, if it is a little bit of time to open the lucky 28 site, you can search for "lucky 28 + site name liar in sh419 inside, such as the lucky 28 site name is awesome, then search awesome network fraud, see will not appear relevant information, if any. You need to pay attention, regardless of whether or not the Navy, at least alert is a must.

content entrepreneurship really is now popular Internet start-ups, many crazy influx of capital. As an Internet entrepreneur, we must not blindly invest in it. If you have the conditions for content entrepreneurship, you can give full play to your strength. If >

The sustainable path of

1. How to make a basic identification of a 28 site:

for those who want to do poineering work in the Internet, the threshold of content entrepreneurship is relatively low, since the media can open at any time, live broadcast, you can broadcast any content. Take the most popular webcast, young teenagers follow the trend, trying to live cash, according to the truth that is a worthy thing, but often there are many people in order to attract eyeballs, opportunistic, disrupting the live environment, bring the curry favour by claptrap, dirty gas, is not conducive to the sustained and healthy development of the network broadcast. At the same time, the problem is that the low threshold of the Internet era will lead the content of entrepreneurship to make a cluster of weeds.

content bonus era, from the media and network red should be how to do

investors in the venture in the tens of thousands of "the head" mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, only the contents of entrepreneurs have enough investment value. For content entrepreneurs, how to cash it is the most important thing to think about. If you want to realize, you must produce high quality content, thinking about how to realize and think about how to do the same content. Professionals have said that the so-called top batch from the media to provide quality stability, height, yield, compared with the golden age of traditional media, there is still a big gap. If you want to get more content bonus, you need to produce more quality content, content is king, is from the media and network red people need to remember.

IP can rely on its own content to break the shackles of the platform to form its own brand, IP will be a sustainable way of content entrepreneurs. Figure IP can be divided into four directions, namely red net type IP character, IP character and commercial builders IP characters, the content of entrepreneurs after IP fans user viscosity is higher, more personalized way of realization. Not everyone can be a net red, the content entrepreneurs IP, and fully carry out content entrepreneurship, will make the content of entrepreneurship to achieve full flowering situation.

3, see the promotion of good luck, 28 sites in the promotion will be multidimensional attack, such as a large number of activities, sh419 for promotion, excellent referral policy and so on, by virtue of its excellent marketing team and strong financial resources, more active site is can add points.

5, evaluation, to look at the forum, if not what people post, reply, then at least to make friends to this web site or the enthusiasm is not high, there is no intention to promote of course, a site has not just opened post is normal, another look at post time, if both are few on the previous post, it also shows users attention is not high, what are the possible problems, to make friends in recent months have not come here, so no reason than the site shut down over a period of time and so on, so credible force on such sites will make a discount.

6, see the service, this can see from many aspects, first look at the lucky 28 site can find the way to contact with the customer, even if the contact with the lucky 28 sites are not a problem, so who are you looking for? And then to the forum service area to see, make friends ask >

1, art, art poor site is best not to go to a site on behalf of the art of the facade, a site if even the most basic facade decoration are too lazy to do so, credibility is not too high, the normal point of art should be the lucky 28 site, also said in the past, so a good luck 28 art site is can give a confidence building.

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