Taobao mall operations flow performance brandPolicy began to thaw who said Japan is not suitable

3, customer service training,

special pay special attention to two points: first, the urgency of the time to display the special price range of

4 line planning

stationed in Taobao mall, the first to do such five things:



II spike

4, Qiao Qiao management

and in the past year, there have also been several specialized investment students in Japan

the author asked investors and media questions on this issue, we are not optimistic about the investment in japan. There are many reasons. The author summarizes several core points as follows:

3 discount

is fully displayed

2, commodity management,


4 decoration shop

4 red bonus points

and Thomson Reuters the world’s most authoritative professional information service provider the selection of the "2015 global innovation enterprises hundred" list, Japan topped the list, with 40 entry beat the United States 35. Japanese companies on the list are: aixinjingji Aisin Seiki, Bridgestone Bridgestone, Canon Canon, CASIO Casio Computer Daikin Industries, Daikin, Fuji film FUJIFILM, Fujitsu Fujitsu, Matsushita Panasonic, YAMAHA engine Yamaha Motor, but no one home is a young start-up company.

is suitable for low-cost goods, the heavy draw up rules

3 commodity classification


, a month after the investigation, in-depth I found that this impression is misleading! Japan’s business environment has already changed, now may be the best time of venture investment in japan.

secondly, the Japanese investment institutions and other start-up facilities are imperfect.

Location of

, first of all, is Japan’s rigid corporate system.

1 pictures

1 knowledge structure

2 service skill

one, the initial stage: the key lies in the details,

3 proficient in rule

IV mail

I offer

Abstract: the Japanese entrepreneurial environment, probably most people’s impression is a big question mark: Japan really suitable for entrepreneurship of the soil,

a huge price gap. 2. Announce the news in advance.


most people who are not optimistic about investing in Japan believe that there is no opportunity for entrepreneurship, especially young people, in an island country with a population of more than 2 enterprises with a life span of over 150 years and a lifelong employment system.

two years ago, the Japanese government began to focus on entrepreneurship, the promulgation of the "1 yen will be able to start a company" and "unemployed entrepreneurs preferential" and "special industries the elderly and patient care, child care, Home Furnishing decoration, staffing and other social fields may be needed grant" policy to encourage entrepreneurship. Especially college students born entrepreneurs before the limited risk investment institutions, investment not students the Japanese government support, the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Osaka University, Northeastern University, the four university has its own funds can vote for University born entrepreneurs.

mentions Japan’s entrepreneurial environment, and perhaps most people are impressed by a big question mark: does Japan really have the soil for entrepreneurship?

1, policy unfreeze

draw attention to three points,

1, store management,

3 capability


my client is a bag and bag industry, has its own brand, its own design team, its own factory, has been doing franchised stores franchise. Recently look at the electricity supplier so fire, also want to try.


awards are big enough, small prizes are enough, and

to pay attention to two points


2 description of goods

investors very frank told Xiao Bian said, "Japan almost disappeared following A round of investment institutions, even Softbank is also late too much, and it is also a large group of investment holding mode."

2 package marketing


like a new brand to enter Taobao mall, to go through such a few stages:

Identification of

spike should pay attention to three points

recently, a customer wants to go to Taobao mall, let me write an operation plan. Just finished the plan, take it out for everyone to communicate.

2 familiar with platform

4 system training,

1 mall

III draw

1 send

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