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this article first, I want to lose weight nets tuijian.info, Adsense Allen, welcome to reprint,

first, talk about the web site navigation site profit, the largest piece should be from search engine advertising into revenue, such as sh419 alliance, shlf1314 AdSense, Sogou search alliance is a very good choice, which sh419 alliance income is relatively better, then search advertising is divided into Sogou alliance a good choice and its advertising code is flexible and can support custom, but the two union search account is not easy to pass, especially the sh419 alliance if the use of some improper promotion web site search plugin so easy to be titles, although shlf1314 search user experience worse, but relatively less income threshold some are low.

web site profit model is very clear, but also need to have a good way to promote can put a lot of money out of hand, for individual webmaster is a good search engine keyword ranking but also have a good record of domain name can promote the site navigation station is very effective, but it also requires you to spend more the money was invested in some domain name and website based on Web site promotion in recent years, individual owners to use most of the way is a plug-in, most of them are some BHO with the browser to start the project execution to lock the user’s home page, or replace the desktop and quick launch bar shortcut, but two plug-in and green package and again, the green package in general are deleted after the installation itself, it would be better to avoid antivirus software and 360 security guards killing, but the computer once installed green package By the 360 home repair after the repair tool is invalid, can be resurrected plug-in installation package can solve the problem of lock browser home page is fixed, but with the resurrection of the plug-in is more easy to kill soft, 360 killing off, once was killing off, your plugin will fail in the soft kill within a certain range, so the resurrection of the plug-in need frequent updates, will need more money to buy related services. >

is the second, from some of the advertising CPA, CPS advertising, for example, Taobao customers, Dangdang, where customers and other shopping, games, recruitment, friends website registration and so on links to income.

Speaking of the

advertising money is actually very, but the more mature and development, should be said that there are two kinds of CPS advertising, CPA advertising! For these two kinds of advertising model, I recommend to you: related advertising CPS advertising alliance I recommend Taobao and Ali mother guest network. CPA advertising alliance is naturally shlf1314 advertising alliance, of course, sh419 advertising alliance is also a very good choice, but the union threshold is higher, for novice webmaster words, can be said to be impossible!

well, roughly speaking here, final tips, please don’t exaggerate the choice of advertising, the day did not pay absolutely reliable, but definitely not the most reliable, to do, to do the best!


why advertising so much, I only recommend it is so few, the other can not do, of course not, other natural can do, such as horse advertising alliance, is the very good, but since the recommendation, naturally I will tell you the best, the best, also need to choose better the


website, not to say all is to make money, but it can be said that the most is to make money, then the site exactly how to make money? I combined my for more than a year to do stand experience, to share with you, we want to help, let those who are confused about how to convert to cash flow friends can help.

is a monthly advertising, if your site navigation traffic is relatively large, and you can pull to some customers, set aside some link locations to rent out, and this income is also very good.


site navigation station we are most familiar is 123, he is still the current pattern of success do webmaster envy and copy, and site navigation in recent years have emerged successful examples, in addition to the current 123 foreign successful and 265114, 23459991 and so on, many more unknown the site navigation station is in a lot of low-key money, now do the site owners a lot, the reason is that the site is simple, clear profit model, lucrative, so today we will talk about some of the things on the navigation bar.

add a point here: most web sites do the advertising is good, but some are not fully fit, such as download stations, for this, I recommend the Express advertising alliance, of course, the thunder advertising alliance is also good; WAP station, it is recommended that Goku advertising alliance


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