From the pancake to eat the spirit of entrepreneurship and nternet thinkingDing Lei the sage of di


Huang Taiji micro-blog’s biggest feature is that every comment and @ @ @ will be answered. To do so, on the one hand is to allow users to feel that they are valued, on the other hand, but also to understand who the user is, and whenever and wherever possible to observe user needs. Micro-blog is a marketing platform of Huang Taiji and said, is more like the distance between them and the consumer service tools.

foreword: moved in the Internet Era "digital" magic!

The name

is probably the reason I was engaged in the occupation is relatively insulated from the technology development, of course, I could be born a lack of technology that is sensitive to Ding Lei’s conversation and not left me deep impression, until one day a year later, the name of Ding Lei just because of one thing I think again. Or above engineer of the company proposed a "withdrawal", caused a great shock and vibration in the company, it is natural to the president how to start at the beginning of a high salary and promised to dig a large stake in total, after due and how just line and let the engineer disappointed ". Shake out, really let I deeply feel a" technology "and" capital "contest — is a few years ago, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai chief researcher, President of Shenzhen and Hong Kong enjoys a certain reputation of the rich, some do not know when to be true or not, if the cash financial figures. It is vital to make me shocked, shocked me also in the imperceptibly will have a" earned one million "of Ding Lei and the chief engineer to do comparison……

may itself is just what an impulse, the subconscious will compare the chief engineer and Ding Lei, eventually had to engineer a winner, not a few days later returned to his home base – Beijing. However, this thing has brought me is really profound inspiration: in the era of knowledge economy, technology as the most concentrated knowledge of products, but also as a kind of market form of knowledge representation, the magic of it is too large, the value is too attractive!

Ding Lei simple occupation experience

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

Huang Taiji pancakes have been talked about very quickly recently. But please be careful not to follow the "catering" standards to learn from the successful experience of entrepreneurship. Because of its founder, he himself didn’t think of himself as a food and beverage man. In his success, the most attractive is the spirit of service marketing and the Internet thinking, expansion point of view, even millet, also started to rely on this spirit, is different, Huang Taiji in the experiment, this kind of thinking how to penetrate traditional industries

of course, Huang did not do more than this, but also this line of communication will eventually be reflected in the line under the specific operations.


Huang Taiji’s drive to eat, so a lot of Huang Taiji have been posted on the ticket, people complain in micro-blog, eat pancakes cost is too high. So he made a parking Convention and put it on the cash register. The people who came over to the restaurant would see it. The first rule is parking by law. If you have to stop at the door and be fined, you can get a pumpkin soup with a ticket.

"Know, who, Know, what, Know, how", which is the summary of micro-blog marketing. It is not difficult to see that this is actually the Internet circle familiar with a set of products operating mode of thinking — to know who the user is and what the user needs, how to meet the needs of users, but Huang Taiji realized by the micro-blog carrier.

The street can not stop

marketing is service

Huang Taiji’s hot, social marketing is just an image. Its real strength is actually jumping out of all the laws of the pancake industry, using the spirit of the Internet to reshape its entire business process.

a lot of people will be Huang Taiji ‘success in marketing, especially on the micro-blog platform marketing, he Chang also often on various occasions do micro-blog marketing experience, but what is behind this so-called marketing? Really just in the traditional sense of marketing

so simple?

this approach is unthinkable in the traditional catering industry. In the traditional catering industry knowledge, services to the guests into the store to exist only in the period of time from the store, but the mobile Internet era, the consumer experience has become a long long time, it is also found in the way to shop after and consumption. When there is no Internet, can not find the shop outside of them, now they are on the Internet, micro-blog, WeChat, mo…… Yellow too

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