After 90 founder of Zhang Linxuan why do want to start a businessDark horse community the monopol

however, however, this is only envy.

the core logic of the normal operation of the society is information, resources and energy law and orderly flow of any intermediate service link value exists, the fundamental reason lies in the promotion of the break asymmetry, contributed to the formation of exchange interaction, information, resources and energy flow of the main body.

recently had many friends asked me, as a 90, is how to start a business in the process, what are the difficulties and how to solve some problems, then I simply want to write diary, can have the same dream to more friends as a reference, it is in your own way, make a summary for the the efforts of the past year and growth.

because of cultural differences, American parents basically do not pay the full tuition for their children, 60% of the students have an average of fifteen thousand dollars in debt at graduation interest starting from the day of graduation, they have very great pressure during the class to earn money, so willing to earn 5 to 20 per hour dollars to do video. In China, teachers with the same quality should pay about 5 to 10 times the price of this class.

What is the essence of

, I’d like to give a brief introduction of my project, as I will often refer to it later.

business must have core competitiveness. Core competencies don’t mean ideas, but…

at such a community building process, from another side reflects a basic reality: the tide of entrepreneurship, a variety of media, from the media and the community organization, what is the core competence can eventually reflect its value? Is the media spread of power? Is formed by connecting the media community size or other factors? What is this? Has been constantly exploring problems.

to the media as the entrance of the community construction, set up by the artificial core elements of the community organization, completed the stock of talent resource monopoly, to form today’s status, its development path is very clear.

Before I go into the discussion,

dark horse in the community, as Chinese is almost the most active entrepreneurial community, not only because the size is very large, the most important is that in the domestic innovation circle, can be called have ring and founder of some well-known enterprises, almost all members of the community in the organization. All kinds of battalion, company’s organization, almost all of the elite entrepreneurs in the current business circle.

recently, two information dissemination in the circle of friends, a dark horse is about Curve Wrecker TOP100, another is good to engage in community activities and engage in entrepreneurial horse, horse games with the end of the "dark horse Games" registration.

from the media to the dark horse community to analyze the development experience, in order to be unique in the tide of entrepreneurship, you need to master the core elements of this ecosystem. The breakdown of the main media platform, elements of venture capital in the ecosystem space, capital, services, personnel, no matter how much capital, the magic of the incubator space design more beautiful, the influence of the media and the service ability strong, talent is the ecological system of the venture capital is the most important component of as the core. The core of the success of a dark horse is to grasp the core element of the person.

doing things in China, not necessarily the best, will be chosen

, and the value of media existence, is fundamentally realized by solving asymmetry. From text description, expression and dissemination to break the most basic level of information asymmetry, through a variety of social activities, salon communication, and successful people and the experience of the power of life to share, to break Society

my name is Zhang Linxuan. I’m 20 years old. I’m the founder of talkways. The website aims to provide Chinese students with a platform for learning English and gaining more perspectives, and is currently in the phase of internal testing. Registration from the company to now has six months, has received a million investment investors offer, valued over 10 million.

my project called in the chat network, is an online English teaching platform, American school students or graduates registered as a teacher, and fill out a very detailed information, China students according to their own needs, for different schools, professional and experienced teachers, choose a different course, through online video dialogue to complete the study, and then pay the costs of their own set by the teacher, and the teacher of the course grade, to urge the teacher’s teaching performance.

I know certainly not all entrepreneurs and investment Daniel, but I think that every age has the unique opportunities and conditions of each age, sometimes can help you see the road has not reached the end point or the way ahead, but soon you a few of the people. So I hope everyone can come together to discuss, if there is something I say is wrong, or if you have different views, please try hard to spray. But one thing, please note that this is just my personal perception of success, not success.

This makes the




Douglas itself should do business, and media entrepreneurs do community peer envy. That’s what we’ve been dreaming of – the ability to suck up scarce talent and the ability to run communities effectively.

although video teaching in some respects is not as good as face to face, such as interaction has been bound, but the teaching effect will be the teacher’s English proficiency and comprehensive quality make up. In addition, when you learn English anytime and anywhere, you have also made overseas friends who are similar to you, and have gained more perspective and even resources.

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