Net red Papi sauce first single advertising shot 22 million beauty makeup enterprise won the bidConq

technology news April 21st afternoon, red net Papi sauce placement advertising resources bidding / auction held in Beijing in recent months, quickly became popular, Papi sauce to patch advertising won the first commercial revenue, beauty beautiful makeup 22 million yuan to get eggs time advertising Papi sauce in May 21st after the end of the video, when no limit.

conquest advertising alliance

settlement fee for ICBC 2%, less than 100 by 100, Alipay no fee.


to encourage the website owner to launch new pop-up and click ads, the Union payment cycle to day settlement, every day before 12 p.m. to the account, please apply for settlement of 50 yuan in the background.

digest class click ad: 25 yuan /1000 click unlimited purchase

digest class ads, please login into the recommended advertising, get promotion code.

entertainment network every day popups: 40 yuan /10000 pop-up not limited to buy

new product introduction:


League address: www.1001zf

this auction to take online and offline joint auction form, margin 1 million, to Papi sauce Jiang Yilei birthday February 17th as an excuse, starting price of 217 thousand yuan, each time 100 thousand yuan.

alliance 2 group: 28080739

‘s Saturday and Sunday payments were postponed to Monday for a unified settlement of the new digest ad 25/1000, click

welcome all the webmaster cooperation.

Papi sauce I Jiang Yilei did not show up, his partner Yang Ming, advertising auction operators, Luo Ji thinking, investors, real estate fund founder Xu Xiaoping arrived. Li Gen

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