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met a friend during this venture, a network company origin, every day touted Internet companies, more money, more simple, and so on. So I invested 20 thousand, he did the director, began my pit father business. Network company well, business difficult, peer competition fierce, I understand, but in the process of cooperation, I gradually found that this guy is through my company in doing his own business. The business continued until the end of 2011, but also lost more money during the period.


remain the same for so long? You think it’s just a trance. Actually, it’s been several years,

from a certain moment, I began to feel the feeling of writing, as if stripped of clothes, naked

I stubbornly think I do not change, but around the change, years are changing

Why did

this work just after graduating from a period of transition, but accidentally noticed was very popular "auction network", resolutely start. Took the family, friends, relatives borrow sixty thousand, began the first venture in life, study other auction nets, looking for PHP programmers to do web site. From February 10, 2011 to May 1, 2011, the site failed in less than three months. Including the procedures, sources, customers, family, friends, support and many other factors. The first time I failed in my career, my lesson was:

movie station use SP generation fee, friends have doubt, SP is not finished? Why may use SP charge again,

today feel childish has evolved false cloak to show off and then to now calm is called growth

is invincible to analyze the SP business, SP business, the accurate meaning is very large, but we give a very simple understanding here is the mobile phone SMS charges to download, we often say the customized ringing tone or let you reply to XX XXX can get what business, generally is this kind of service, such as the mobile phone games, need to register before it can play, but also SP business.

How can

charges on behalf of the channel, we in the previous chapters has been analyzed, here we only look at the advantages and disadvantages of the SP business SP, the biggest feature is the use of mobile phone payment, not cash, give a person a kind of feeling, is to pay the money does not seem like the end of the month and calls to a general settlement, nobody cares about, for example, a few days ago I bought a mobile phone with Kabasiji, until the end of the month to think of it, how many calls this month, the original is a registered 25 yuan Kaba.

once I thought that after the hard struggle, you can enjoy success, and the happiness you seek will come as scheduled. But in the process of struggle in the road station I found that time is a thief, stolen, stolen, stolen young youth passion. And I didn’t have time to ask myself, what did I get,


2 and SP business end up?.

frankly, this failure has not caused me much psychological burden. It may still be young. But then, the failure of the venture stole me a lot.

these two entrepreneurial experiences, although written out some ridiculous, but there are still a lot of sweet and sour worth

If the

at the end of June 2010 graduation, now two years, just by "A5 – kingsuper essay 11team/" to give yourself a summary and planning. During the two years, from June 2010 to the end of 2010, the website has been doing art work. And the vast number of graduates, from the "village in the city", "expired instant noodles" came all the way.

1 and SP charging.

1, foreign business models need to be reconsidered in china.

the earliest SP collection, very simple, enter the mobile phone number, then automatically sent to your mobile phone password, enter the password, the system will deduct your 30 yuan, so simple, so simple, so easy to make money, this time webmaster feel Chinese SP market really big ah, this is why China the net income 60% is supported by SP’s sake, because the SP is too simple, there are traps > SP

but such a good business, why Tencent they encourage the use of bank card payment, but not to encourage mobile phone payment? Why is the mobile phone payment has a defect, is about to get the money to pay the settlement amount of about 1/3. For example, the amount of payment of 15 yuan, can only get about 5 yuan hand, so Teng Xun launched the use of bank cards to pay 12% off, that is the reason, because the bank card to the account is real money.

3, entrepreneurial team passion, the spirit of ownership is the key to success or failure.

can use SP to Taobao on behalf of the charges is good, hundreds of yuan, payment by mobile phone on the line here, why not? The reason is that SP is the limit, the upper limit is 15 yuan, of course, if it is a large enterprise, such as Kaba or can apply for the high rising.

The advantages and disadvantages of

2, venture capital should be cautious, take full account of many factors.

SP business has an advantage that is to cover a wide area, bank cards, paypal and mobile phone users than not, almost every mobile phone users, but do not have online banking, Alipay does not have cash on delivery, although also has strong coverage, but the cash on delivery for real transactions, but also has a certain period of time, while the SP has instant success of the transaction function, mainly used for virtual goods transaction.

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