Said several network make money absolutely HenzhaoSet up ten years the three transition 2 billion

has $2 million left on its books, but the bandwidth costs $4 million a month at most. The inevitable layoffs, the abolition of business, from 250 to 60, the rest of the salary halved, no full darkness waiting for dawn. In order to survive, he had to ask his friends, not only to save bandwidth, but also can not lose the traffic, otherwise no advertising method with low cost is realized, "not to do!" in the face of technical staff reply, Liu Yan be furious, "fuck, must do it, why not." Later, really done, and six rooms pioneered a number of domestic video site caching technology, when the relevant technical colleagues have just returned to the seat, fainted. "Fengmo, did not survive." Liu Yan later tried to write this sentence on the thickest pillar of the office.

  from the network for many years. Deep Yin network to make money, but personal character reasons. I haven’t made any money. I summarize the reasons: gentleman, ashamed of the words

if can put aside these face problems with your black marks a day, easily earn hundreds of pieces, no problem.

for no website, how to make. Some people have been coaxed and often made some Id=345  those offline, what can be profitable as long as the Internet can make a mess of things. That’s the money you can’t make. Let me point it out. You make a page and add a few League code.

How do you do

page out. 1 hang 20 , have signed passionate beauty type, request on-line automatic reply state,

if every time your auto reply, let others to you, let others pull friends with you and your web site, your advertising. You just play video with him.

2 advertise your story, you don’t have a story? You can’t write stories? There are so many stories on the Internet that you can pick up some touching ones. Sign your "beauty" , it is best to match some photos, photos also bring . And then like one. There is a master disciple told me that one day he one day in the porn site and ChinaRen stupid owner gave him a reason, because too wonderful to cheat more than 50 thousand IP. Slow pain in the pages.

3 seo  SEO, you don’t understand?  . Cheating. cheating you don’t understand? Then I’ll teach you. don’t say I’m killing you. you pick the names of some popular porn websites. Erotic, June, what?. Dozens of words, then free to make a hundred links, free blog links easily don’t want me to teach you. Then make a keyword like this, make your page, or the title of the domain name. No domain name? I’ll give it to you。 A lot of people are willing to give you a lot of domain names. Keep in mind the title for these pornographic websites. What about the content? Just copy a porn forum page, as long as one page, with a static, and particularly highlight the number of posts, and so on, on the West

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

future net, red than open shop easy

after graduating from Beijing University, Liu Yanjin investment bank, he and his then boss Feng Bo now the founding partner of LIAN policy source, AsiaInfo and Sina made the market. During this period, there was an American named David come to practice, and give them assistant, and then he went to a South Africa Company MIH to invest, and invested in a Chinese Internet Co, Tencent.

ten years later, Liu Yan sat in his office, recalled his video site, show, live business, with "brutal game" to describe these experiences. The six room he founded from Youku video site, including the early leader of the financial crisis on the verge of collapse, forced transformation show, launched pomegranate live, 2 billion 600 million large "sale", and then to now hundreds of millions of monthly revenue. Ten years of experience, is a Chinese Internet video streaming media ups and downs of the best portrayal of the ups and downs.

everything looks so good and natural. Until 2008, the financial crisis came. After Youku finished a lot of money, Liu Yangang was ready to start the next round of financing. "Bang!" the door was closed. Nothing was in the air. The only thing he can do is, those who have watched him and be on a par with their counterparts farther and farther, he took the team to seek a way out in the breakthrough.


fought a circle after 2006 started with six rooms on the YouTube, he felt "a video to the fire". Relying on "triggered a" Steamed Buns "murder case" and other short video, Chinese became the biggest video sharing site. Soon this area became the capital at the industry, Youku, potatoes, cool and other competitors race each other. At that time, China’s Internet is a good example of learning from the United states. Take money, burn money, and then take money, burn more scale, until the death of other opponents, become the "Chinese version of XXX."". Even now, this model of Internet start-ups has not changed much, only to mention that the United States has fewer and fewer times.

the most difficult period, the company >

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