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Terry Gou said that the initial venture, access to funds, scheduling funds difficult, his first funding is the mother will come. He believes that young entrepreneurs now, money is not a problem, whether there is entrepreneurial spirit.

students have arrived in summer, many college students have returned home, relaxed consumption of summer time, but Wuhan Polytechnic University bell boat this year can not comfortably enjoy the summer, and he can not even return home Ezhou. Because summer is also the peak season for children’s training, bell boat in Alibaba’s life service website, YAHOO word of mouth on the establishment of "Wuhan children’s training information center" also ushered in many businesses. Of course, the busy harvest is also quite impressive, Zhong boat now planning to use the summer to earn enough tuition for the coming year.

received business approval bell boat is very happy, he chose in the high popularity of life service platform, YAHOO word-of-mouth opened a network, the training center, a variety of service information are sent up. Soon, many parents contacted the bell, asking for summer courses. In the first week of the information release, the small bell pulled 3 pens into the center. According to the appointment with the boss, he received nearly 500 yuan in return. Now many businesses will contact the bell boat initiative, please help promote. Not long ago, there is a kindergarten training institutions, take the initiative to find bell boat, asked him to help promote summer enrollment information, this simple operation for the bell boat brought 100 yuan of income. At present, the bell boat every month can get more than 1000 yuan income.

nowadays, college students have made use of the Internet to find opportunities for entrepreneurship and employment, which has become a trend. Some of Zhong Zhou’s classmates have opened online stores, and the returns seem good. Because of their own professional learning is e-commerce, the bell has always wanted to find some opportunities online, but set up their own lack of supply of goods, but also do not want to ask the family to buy money. Are there any other opportunities on the Internet? Chung has been inspired by her niece. Bell boat niece, 6 years old, often attend art training classes. Sometimes on behalf of my sister to send niece, bell boat class also met many parents and training center boss. He found that Wuhan children’s pre-school education in this area is very large, many parents invest, and the training center is very profitable. However, there is a problem of poor communication between the center and the parents. Many parents are from a colleague that learned what training center of information, but for the training center facilities, teachers, curriculum and lack of understanding, many small and medium-sized training center also hope to convey their information out, but not willing to bear the high cost. Many bosses have expressed their desire to develop online tourists, but they do not understand. Of course, businesses online promotion skills required for a small bell for hundreds of times. Holding the psychological test, the bell contacted a businessman, said it can help him to promote online, the other may be based on the effect of promotion to pay him the cost. The boss was very interested and agreed to cooperate with Xiao zhong.

Terry Gou pointed out that young people started, people may not know you, fund-raising will encounter difficulties, may encounter many setbacks, young friends began a business, filled with blood, will encounter a lot of difficulties.

before the summer, Chung boat harvest a good news. He went to the top half of the YAHOO word of mouth online broker contest and got value

he recalls the first funds is subject to the mother. Mark, also known as carry, play, and, with a long history is a kind of financing behavior of private credit, has dual functions of financing and earning interest, usually based on affection, nostalgia, friendship and kinship and geopolitical relations based on mutual cooperation with nature.

‘s entrepreneurial environment was different from what it is now, when funding and scheduling funds were difficult, with interest on cheque lending at 3 cents, and then there were tickets

furthermore, Terry Gou points out that entrepreneurial teams are all about leadership.

Zhong Zhou: Hubei, Ezhou, Wuhan Polytechnic University, business school, sophomore major in e-commerce.

talked about the entrepreneurial process, Terry Gou pointed out that when he start, no angel, when business is unable to get money, like a new team can now have the opportunity to get through the report on tens of millions of dollars of funds, at that time is not possible.

technology news in July 18th, according to Taiwan media reports, Hon Hai Group Chairman Terry Gou said, entrepreneurship has three tips, not too far away from the professional instinct, core knowledge competence; entrepreneurial team configuration is not too high, should be complementary; not afraid of the wrong decision, decided to look at leadership.

Terry Gou recently attended an event in Taiwan, said, young friends start business, first of all, the secret is not to leave their expertise too far, the core knowledge to grasp the competitiveness of the lever do not pull too long.

Terry Gou pointed out that, if the isomorphism is too high, the opinion of the entrepreneurial team is not comprehensive thinking, since to team combat, to find complementary team members.

Terry Gou. Abroad, there is a sentence, with experience will know how to judge, with judgement will be successful.



, the first capital of the Hon Hai Kingdom, will mark

he said, Hon Hai venture in 1974, when Li Guoding is promoting import substitution economic growth era, started from the television knob to confidential mould, machinery, electronics, optics, confidential materials, semiconductor, sensing components etc..

"The more frustration you have, the more experience you have," says

secondly, Terry Gou pointed out that young people lead the entrepreneurial team, members of the same type should not be too high, to complement each other.

Terry Gou said, in the process of entrepreneurship, we will encounter difficulties, there will be different views. He pointed out that the key decision in the process of entrepreneurship lies in yourself, and if you make a mistake, the experience is very valuable.

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