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seems to be scattered, but they’re connected to each other. "These products and applications, but also has achieved the system to the system between the open, the system to the service between the open, and even the system to the device between the open. Our print service, for example, is connected directly to our device through our system. For example, our queuing system is the same, do connection system with equipment".



if a revolution is to come, it is necessary to make its own life.

fishing head from head to toe, and no innovation, this has not yet marketing and marketing departments of traditional catering enterprises, long time insisted dishes not discounted, service is not discounted. But surprisingly, what seems to be a far cry from technology and the Internet has been a series of attempts to have an impressive number of users at the mobile terminal.

over the past three years, 58 city has been groping how to get through the closed loop. As a classified information provider, the 58 city has a wide range of services. Local life services, as long as there is advertising in the newspaper, there are bars inside the corridor, real estate, recruitment, education and so on a wide variety of information, all in the 58 city to find. Information service is a semi closed loop, false information, service quality complaints and other issues have always plagued the city of 58, but this is beyond the scope of this business model itself can control.

half a year ago, 58 city quietly on the line of a new business – 58 home. In the mobile phone side, users can get home by 58 App, the nearest hourly worker, moving company, unlock master.

"we’re building a home based home service system that connects workers and users directly from the 58 home platform and defines service processes and prices." 58 city CEO, Yao Jinbo said.

for most catering enterprises, the system through, still is a big problem. In addition to the food and beverage enterprises investment, the complexity of the catering industry itself is doomed, this is not a simple process. For example, in the bottom of fishing for pad dishes, you can only order half a dish, you can always return dishes, these are personalized fishing service, of course, also need to support and open up the background system.

sea fishing line layout is relatively complex, PC official website, end their mobile APP, respectively, and BAT by sh419 direct number, Alipay wallet, WeChat launched a public account to O2O related.

"58 home" and 58 city with Beijing Beiyuan Road North American International Business Center of the compound, a few hundred meters away from the distance. Different and law-abiding 58 city office cubicle, 58 more home some Internet Co taste: high ceiling, transparent glass separated out of a separate space. It’s already time off, and a few nail artists are making nails for customers.

submarine fishing, a memorable name for the ultimate service. The company has 100 stores Hot pot chain enterprises, so that every consumer into the store after the customer can casually say about one or two sea fishing "abnormal service" case, we are familiar with the story of the sea, but cannot read all of it.

Feng Hailong believes that this is the reason why WeChat, Alipay, sh419 direct number selection and sea fishing cooperation, "they look under our line, the line integrated platform, all.

home service as the only entry point, from the provision of classified information of semi closed loop service into O2O closed loop service, is the 58 city in the mobile Internet era of the two revolution. To this end, 58 city was established with 58 city tied new company, 58 home, entrepreneurship veteran Chen Xiaohua as CEO.


sea fishing has more than 30 mobile app users, WeChat public accounts of nearly 800 thousand users, Alipay wallet about more than 50 users. Through the layout of online products and applications, submarine fishing has been online and offline, mutual open up in the process, groping out a path of their own.

began in 2009 with a platform for the overall store system. In this process, around 2011 on the line, mobile app and the official website, ordering and other functions, and at that time has been achieved online products and store systems, CRM, community and other systems to get through. This submarine fishing in the past two years to force O2O, laying a particularly important foundation.

more critical is that in the past one or two years, many segments of the rise of O2O, so that 58 city felt a huge crisis. Yao Jinbo admitted: "in many segments of the category, our future has been affected and challenged."."

leather, his life,

in early 2012, Yao Jinbo began to go on the company "supplier of the transformation of the road, have opened the mobile phone, ticketing and other classified section of online trading function, began to let the 58 city involved in the C2C transaction from a pure classification information platform.

"we’ve got everything in IT and I just want to think about things outside of the store, but there are a lot of businesses that have to go back and get through the problem, the system," said Feng Hailong, Minister of information.

at the same time, 58 city has also tried to transform the traditional intermediary companies into information companies, but it is difficult to standardize. By this year, Yao Jinbo found that through the mobile Internet directly connect workers and users, is an effective way, because the workers want to make money, they are willing to accept new standards. Like dropping a taxi, it would be difficult to bring 3000 Chinese car rental companies together, but it would be much easier to integrate directly with the driver.

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