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1. Sina: inherent strong advertising revenue capacity has been ahead of the "portal + Internet advertising" model has been more mature.

for the website, advertising revenue is the basis of traditional e-commerce, and its effect is immediate, it is a more practical income model. The existing forms of online game websites include banner, Button, local hot spots, recent recommendation, activity naming, floating icons, pop-up windows and so on. The forms of online advertisement will be varied with the accumulation of managers’ experience.

so, I visited Hangzhou with doubt Pakistan nine spirits company Wu Xiaobo channel operator, and up to 3 hours of "entrepreneurs and Chinese society" in a class, in the Pangu Plaza Hotel just off the students interviewed Wu Xiaobo.


this short song later with Han Lei Quartet, from the CCTV Mid Autumn Festival party to Beijing Taiwan "hidden singer sang again, almost boarded the Orient music billboard. But more people hear this song, but because it is the "stirring: 1978-2008" theme song, or Zhenyu 2015 "time friends" New Year speech background music, and the same year Wu Xiaobo published the book "the life waste one article titled Wu Luo two in the good things this is the first", "flowers" in the eyes of the writer.

Nixi is the Wu Xiaobo channel.



to improve the effective arrival rate of online advertising is another effective means to improve the online advertising revenue source. As the operator of the website to feature their users landing is fuzzy, so the advertising effect was no professional magazines that are in place, this will greatly reduce the enthusiasm of businesses to choose the site as an advertising media. Therefore, as a website operator, if you understand the characteristics of your own web site users, it will expand the economic income of online advertising.

one, online advertising,

in 2008, music producer Mo Fan put Han Lei in the studio and recorded the theme song of a financial TV series. Han Lei told Mo Fan to score, Mo Fan said no to ah, Han Lei said that no, you have to have the music I can with you on the basis of play – "brother, we are for this song." Mo Fan smiled and said: "this is not a little song?"

advertising is a survival tool for most portals and most web sites. No advertising is not the Internet today, from the income structure of portal represents Sina, advertising revenue accounted for 1/3, and some smaller sites is almost rely on advertising to mix food, so that advertising is the first card profit weapon website.

growling Virgo

small compared with their 5 year old Canton Hospital Dr. Luo Zhenyu, eyes and controversy Wu Xiaobo’s origin of the circle of light editor Fudan students a bit in Live, Himalaya, has been known and close the circle in the hustle and bustle of the people the impression that the Wu Xiaobo often remain in the "fiasco" and "agitation of thirty years" the Financial Times bestselling author. And in May of this year, "Wu Xiaobo channel" has been on the line for three years, which is located on the other side of the Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale new media company, is how to grow in many public number Rinpoche attack imperial Chaoyang District under


, China’s major gateways have embarked on a different path, exploring different ways of making profits. Sina has repeatedly stressed the need to do Chinese media and Internet services for the main business of the portal, with value-added services to make money, Sohu continuously relevant communication and business of the joint venture, Sohu is committed to create online media, communications and commerce company, NetEase’s main business is SMS and games, has the trend of popular entertainment.

The link of

website of sina’s business model is the information model, mainly through a lot of free of all kinds of news, hot news, the size of services to attract a lot of visitors, to form a fixed customer base, has maintained a high hit rate.

nine years later, the South North Wu Luo not only at the eleventh annual writers list total scored 7 million 900 thousand royalties, and Shixiang microphone Mongolia together, became the personification of Chinese since the four kings media on top of the semi divided rational flow and perceptual flow.

key case:

Wang Yiyun music "bloom in front" screenshot

Abstract: nine years later, South Wu, North Luo total cut 7 million 900 thousand royalty income, but also stood in the Chinese personification from the top of the media, half divided the rational, emotional flow. "Wu Xiaobo channel" has been on the line for three years, how it is in Chaoyang District many public number Rinpoche attack, grow into today’s such a scale,

in late February, the Shanghai Nixi has not warm breeze, in front of a hotel waiting for more than an hour. A top investment expert in China is eating in a private room on the upper floor, and because the other party has no schedule, it has to make an appointment to discuss business with the other party after it is driven home.

network game website is one kind of management way of network advertisement. The exchange of advertising places between different game sites reduces the flow of cash between them. This kind of advertisement manages the method to exist not only between network game site, also exist between game site and a few portal sites at the same time. This is also a popular way of advertising online advertising. The biggest contribution to online advertising revenue should be the type of enterprise that pays advertising fees for brand promotion. They may take all of the forms mentioned above. From the business income, the main beneficiaries of network advertising should be a huge number of registered users, very popular game site.

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