Real estate segmentation site to profit website layout is the key

some time ago, the plant network in the webmaster online is a fire, so the individual spent a period of time to study the property market segments of this market development potential in the field of network.

studied several well developed plant networks, and found that most of the plant sites had poor profitability, or even less profitable.

I summarize the reasons for the following three aspects:

, no own handy workshop, program

two, the site does not have a reasonable layout,

three, local informatization program is not high,

tzcfw of the Taizhou plant network station "piece of bird plant network, is the first article on the web workshop the monthly income of 2000 yuan, but then look at the website of the program is the basic mobile phone in IPHONE is still a lover. Hate not every city has the program building site, but basically in addition to the "workshop * * Net" before the place changed, other places did not move, but Baidu does not seem to be too love dogs and do things.

I don’t think it’s necessary to use any specific plant procedures, as long as suitable for themselves is the best. Like a lot of good to do like the Shenzhen plant network with many basic CMS program to solve the problem, the entire site is basically a pure news system, but it is also webmaster handy, can very good use of web page layout, played a very good effect, profitability is relatively strong, and some even from the company. Interested parties can study the website of Shenzhen and Shanghai.

on the other hand to say basically is not for the transfer to the will of the people, that is the local level of information, if there is no a good information platform, the website do not say good, your customers ~ ~ Oh, even if there is no customer from your website advertising, because the local people do not know what the Internet looking for plant.

through the investigation, I have established the Ji’nan workshop website workshop network in Ji’nan, I hope you can criticize and correct, interested can QQ exchange, QQ: 270758875.

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