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SEO is not the same in every people’s minds, even in SEOER, each person’s learning experience, contact the site of different types, various causes of the different, today to chat about navigation within the chain – soft – keywords – weight control problems under the website optimization.


The essence of

navigation is convenient for the user, the way, also in the optimization, there are also to guide navigation spiders use, not the user experience, said that under the directory navigation, navigation, navigation product classification, the article page navigation, the navigation should define its clear function and point, don’t think for convenience and without authorization change the rules. Provide clear navigation to users and spiders.

soft Wen

soft Wen, small enterprise site in order to SEO, every day is not updated so content, are embarrassed to say that he is doing optimization. It is sad that so many products, the product after the upload is complete cannot produce new products, to update the industry news, soft soft release to win the search engine’s love, it’s quite hard for SEOER, because the SEOER level is uneven, no in-depth understanding of the industry, the total update mindless the article, such as a company is to make brick, SEO search engine optimization company in order to please, every update article "XX brick – a certain star how, how to update some stars, where the leaders go, where life case, like the article, really a shame. So I suggest that these companies to provide SEO services company, let SEOER concentrate on optimization, to update the article, soft text, such things to more professional people, do not understand the industry, very terrible.

inner chain

said, the chain is also connected to the above one, the article by professionals to do, the article optimization to SEOER to do, so the state is best. The construction of the soft articles within the chain of the chain, don’t waste this resource in itself is small, don’t try to news this directory also do rankings, even if done, the user experience is still very poor, with a label to guide the spider, the spider to a comfortable environment, it is important to take a clear chain structure.


don’t finish the SEO task to choose keywords, when users do not understand, you are the expert, even if you do not understand the industry, but you should also peer competitor analysis, find out the key words in line with the user experience of your location, value, value of SEO, reflecting the value of keywords, if these are in a weak cycle, everything will be getting worse, you have to keep the user’s heart, how to make yourself happy.

weight control

big grasshopper station, weight to control home, don’t let your work, learn to learn to analyze the page associated page >

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