How do you know the engine rules


yesterday just 09 years later in February 4th QQ, the first thing to receive a recognition of more than a year of the webmaster friends, he is also a student, because learning the professional website construction, and beauty technology is not very good, always play is the free space, free two level domain name, then I Send a domain name for him to play, I also often ask him to help me send something to the network, and slowly chat for a long time will become friends, he is a man worthy of friends, and later heard that he wants to buy a domain name and space, because he is always unstable (previous space free space) like a change, ask me where the space is good, I have a different domain name registration also try to register, like the gold dimension data is also good, because I bought their domain name and space as a whole year, December, I’m going in Time domain continuous time consuming, he contacted me, I introduced the gold dimension data service to him, because I used the domain name space, and so on, people are the patience to help me answer, I think the service is good to introduce to him, then the domain name and space registration, he and I, day of school optimization on the Internet, Baidu snapshot, acquisition, write code and so on new terms about the site, looking at the flow a little rise, sometimes higher than yesterday today several IP two will do the happy day, giving each other sites connected to encourage each other, look at the key words, busy every day is not easy website origin Le call, at that time often website server could not access temporarily, I contact customer service, customer service answered: traffic is too large, or too small space, they advised me to upgrade the host, but I am also a student not Money, that has been a temporary Chatto then I made a little money is spent 100 dollars in other places and bought a space, and bought a new domain name is now using the domain name 114mo, but I am in this gold dimension where there is a domain name, every day will bring big dozens of IP I am a bit reluctant, the domain name also turned to the present space, but I was in the gold dimension there is a space where there is a place where I program data pointing to another site, because it is good before early, local backup early do not know where to go only to lose. There is a service business, think of a problem, service providers will help restore the backup, I have no backup, straight after a friend told me yesterday online gold dimensional data station open, I think they might have only a temporary site revision revision at that time No seriously, but I’ll go to the Baidu search gold dimension data open, found a lot of posts have said that this service run away, of course I hope is my dream, but when I was very hurt when I pinch myself found that this is not a dream, is really some can not stand the feeling of a buzz in the ring, not for the other is I have a few friends to play good by I registered several meters in him, there is no m management right now, the Internet opened the gold dimension data – activist group, added are victims of Jin directly or indirectly caused by the day, my mood is not good, sitting beside the computer to sit around, "

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