Community operation how to let users tear up

what’s the matter? Community user activity and reduce? Not just last month to spend big money to do activities? Leadership Kuanghou! This time as a small operation can only silently listen, the heart deeply revealed the helpless


you are a community of users operation, using a variety of methods, user activity is very low, how to do? It allows users to make up a tear.

how to let users tear up? This is the top priority!



stir up community disputes, which are always the quickest way to force users to rip off!


as I am now a community game operators, how to do, looking at the community scanty topic? Of course is to provoke the tear forced (just for example, no need to use tear force way of stirring up community activity).

as for how to tear, please prepare the following materials:

There have been several small

Forum (post number is better, otherwise the user to provoke tear force The loss outweighs the gain..


administrator one.



get down to business and start tearing at


trumpet 1 sends a topic: "XXX games are all a bunch of rookie, almost can end them.".

trumpet 2 replies: open jet, counter trumpet 1,

trumpet 2: to another game, the plate begins to spread the news of other plate players.

trumpet 3: start to the first player’s plate and post a hit back.

so, the user must provoke a dispute, what do I do next? Of course not overdo sth..


administrator or a respected game player began to stop and act as a peacemaker. And delete the topic of offensive remarks, and then issue a notice to appease users. This tearing incident is a perfect curtain call.

of course, this risk is still relatively large, if not properly controlled, it will backfire, the loss of users.

as for the active users, how to maintain popularity, smart you, of course, want to come out!


consistent external, increase user cohesion.

consistent with the external? Can increase user cohesion, how to do this? You do not lie to me, I read less books. In fact, this is not difficult.

the preparation is done first:

trumpet 3.

administrator one.

A sprayer


get down to business and start tearing at


trumpet 1: come to the community and claim how awesome you are

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