Website negative evaluation of how to respond

negative feedback requires a unique and effective process, whether it is used in the website related e-mail, messages, forums are the same, the following is to reply the negative evaluation of the seven step:

step 1: find value

needs to find out the value of the negative content first, and if the negative evaluation says "your product is terrible," it might be difficult to find out the value of the message. However, most of the messages are based on the fact or experience that you can improve, so you should be able to come up with solutions that satisfy your customers. Even if it is difficult to discover the deep value of negative evaluation, we should try hard to think.

second step: find the crux of the problem,

to find out the value of negative evaluation, it is necessary to determine the crux of the problem. Because the process defects, poor service, poor user experience, or the message had been treated unfairly? At the beginning to solve the problem and improve customer satisfaction before, should first determine the cause of the problem and the problem of the actual.

third step: find out the relation person


answers the question, it’s easy to forget that there are some real people involved, including those who experience negative experiences and those who have been involved. Remember that events are caused by people, and there are others who suffer, which makes your response more truthful, more human, and more appropriate.

fourth step: find the solution,

The problem is whether

has been solved because of product defects, or the need for several weeks or months to solve the internal process, you need to find a solution to the problem and customer specific topics to implement scheme.

fifth step: improve the problem,

as far as possible to implement the solution in the internal process, training, or the cause of the incident. If you can’t improve the status quo, you must let everyone know that you are trying to think about countermeasures. You should improve everything for the customer. If it is a defective product, it should be replaced immediately. If it is because of bad training or a process defect, you should apologize to the customer and make improvement.

sixth step: to satisfy customers

also, customers are real people. You should show empathy and let your partner feel that you are not only solving the problem but also caring about it.

seventh step: reply

can now respond to negative reviews. Remember each step above, but if you really follow these steps, you should be able to solve the problem, satisfy the customer, improve the internal situation, and let the similar problem not happen again.

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