Struggle for ten years to the brothers who are starting business

comments: Although the longer, although this is old, but recommend everyone to read carefully, for business and entrepreneurship for young people, there is a strong guiding significance, finishing release, hope Admin5 webmaster friends can love

carefully read this article, the heart be calm, I have let us venture business people have deep feelings, benefit. Entered the society for 4 years, has still nothing to accomplish, looking back on the road of entrepreneurship, although not as great ups and downs of the author, to withstand life and death separation, but the same is bitter, the same bitter, spicy, but also sweet. Also, a proud lost, confused, wandering, there are contradictions, panic, looking back again face myself today, the seventeen year old young sun is gone, a few years of vicissitudes of life for a is not consistent with the actual age of the "mature" face and the determination of the heart. Words cannot express the mood at the moment.

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struggling for ten years (an entrepreneurial memory of a South migrant worker)

I graduated from Hunan Normal University in May 1991. Like many students, I don’t want to go back to my hometown to work. Because my hometown is too backward, I want to catch up with the fashion and go to Guangdong province". So in August of the same year, I applied for a job as a teacher in a middle school in Dongguan. I was just 21 years old. My home is the smallest one, perhaps by his brother and sister were lack of shelter hone worn out, late maturing my heart young for my old headmaster; evaluation is: no penetration, koumeizhelan


92 spring, Deng Xiaoping visited Guangdong and published a series of important speech. The Guangdong high up when rolled up a frenzy of economic reform. Like everywhere developed opportunity, everywhere is money, acquire a thing easily. My local colleagues talk about doing business every day, it said to do brick, and negotiate loans that several mills. I couldn’t sit still, when my salary plus allowance was only 350 yuan, and the fact of 350 yuan was unattractive to me. One day, a classmate came to see me; he did not go into business as soon as he graduated. I saw him talking, he said: shine with happiness, it is a golden opportunity to make money, no matter what business will make money. He has opened a cosmetics sales shop himself and has a good business. He’s planning to come to my store and start a branch here. Also said that in a year to expand to ten, his goal is to expand his chain store to the province and even the whole country in 5 years, his chain group to become make-up industry sales giant! Listen to his words, my heart was shocked. That night, I sleep! I think has been outdated, insipid life of teachers is not suitable for themselves, to break out a career, I will glorify and illuminate the ancestors life. My heart cried out, so in July, 92, when the term ended, I decided to throw away the career that was considered "the iron rice bowl" and went into business

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