Golden Wangzhuan webmaster how to protect their own domain name

as everyone knows, from the end of 2009 CCTV exposure to mobile phone pornography flooding caused by the earthquake has been a.Cn domain and a half months, the Ministry of industry and CNNIC have also appeared related to the new policy, the domain name registrar also in order to protect themselves and be struck dumb regulations, these are not always remind us to concentrate seriously protect your hands of the domain name, then how can we do more to protect their hands of the domain name? Let me briefly talk about a few points. These methods are very helpful for CN domain names and.Com domain names.

I want to talk about it on the registered.Cn domain name, you must use the real data, if you find you don’t meet this requirement, so please correct in time, otherwise the domain name at any time may be canceled. For this issue, CNNIC has repeatedly issued a document requiring the Registrar to verify the identity of the registrant. I feel that way. In the information you leave, at least your phone, or EmaiL, address, etc is valid.

I talked about the second point, it is very important, we must pay attention to. That is, the domain name and the site name of the site should be placed in two separate accounts. For example, if you have the.Cn domain name on hand and the.Com domain name has been set up, please register a new account immediately and transfer the domain name immediately to this account. For example, if the customer’s domain name registrar found "indecent" content, will be immediately banned in this domain, and immediately freeze the account and all the rest of the domain name, he regardless of your other domain name whether there is a problem, no matter whether you have other domain name website, they will be banned. Relentless. I and several friends have encountered such a thing, although was told that the site has vulgar content, but not informed of the specific information, even if we do not know because the domain name which lead to be blocked, the domain can not move, even worse is that part of the domain name is the customer, their losses are quite heavy.

the following point is in the very period, we must pay attention to notice the domain registrar: of course we used these notifications as all ads in the trash, but now it is different, we must read the Registrar notification and mail, actively cooperate with all kinds of measures such as business registration, registration may be required to provide identity before card verification 2009 registered CN domain name, would play watermark, written statement documents copy to the Registrar, ensure that your CN domain name will not be deleted.

of course, the only purpose of doing so – to protect their rights and interests, to prevent registration companies to make excuses for illegal possession of our domain name.

website domain name immediately record is also very important to us, if you think you can slow the normal channels for money to set the record number quickly, otherwise, the domain name and host will lead to be sealed at any time.

and one more thing is the domain name that is not yours. Please write it off immediately, if you have used your data for the record

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