How do you like your Taobao


today, a lot of people want to do Taobao off – has always been such a title to attract "Taobao customer earning 50 thousand, you heart it?" but when choosing the Tao do you want to do? You can earn a monthly income of 5W? You can understand how much behind the pay is not found your monthly income is zero you can accept? Hard struggle a few months down you really can make



, tell me about my first order. Where did you come from,


my first single with you, are waiting for a month later, I was doing QQ space using about get the first 14.9 yuan revenue, said there are people will ask QQ. He can do to promote? Can make money? A month income

much money?

I just want to say, no matter what you do to find a suitable method to find the most suitable for your marketing! First look Q friends what distribution, the proportion of men and women, what kind of people do the distribution of what kind of products, as for the money, not to look too heavy this network is possible overnight even rich overnight into a pauper? Hold a common heart to do every thing is to insist on victory (failure is more successful in his / her mother –


QQ sticky degree is very high, we can not go on WeChat, you can not play unfamiliar street, but we are on the QQ

this is our guest to create wealth, adhere to 5-10 day (female is better) that can expand your circle of friends more quickly to develop their own customer can be updated weekly 2-3 times to various QQ group released their own space connection (recommended to do small


Q group is a universal

is more highly viscous QQ group you can refer to the following categories:

Several kinds of

divided above can be done, dating can do local type promotion, after all we still love together you can create a platform with friends can do Q Q promotion friends (not just up is advertising) so everyone dislike for AD time or master

various promotional skills

uses QQ space, likes circles, people and so on

as for everyone, you are familiar with it, but have you done it,


, do you understand? Did you try that,


I think it can be very effective promotion of their own, circle of people to help attract other people’s eye!


no nonsense on the tutorial:

1. opens the space, sees the picture to point in, if jumps to the log, so does not have, must be the QQ photo album, the picture only then may




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