Site security don’t ignore your website management background

for many site owners, safety and maintenance of the website has been working site management as the core; but because of the stability of website security more in web server space and technical function, so the general site owners will think site safety maintenance is more technical staff have to consider the issue, but the fact that the site is a comprehensive security work, but in real life, the main site of the most easily overlooked website security management background.

why is the site poisoned? What’s the problem,


Wednesday, Guangzhou Jane beauty network consultant Mo wild encountered such a customer – just website suddenly in search engines like Google displayed on the site there is a risk, there may be a virus "; and customers are in the formal model of production work, there can not be a violation of the relevant laws of the information content so, customers puzzled how legitimate website suddenly appeared a problem?

later after the initial diagnosis of wild Street site on the site, found the home page code appeared abnormal at the bottom of the page code has some illegal links on the home page, and no show; obviously this is malicious add, and hide the illegal code.

initially thought it was a strange wild malicious web hackers, but when customers give to wild Street entrance and backstage management account, the problem is very clear: the customer is used for the establishment of the initial account was provided by the company and the password, which led to the site management background there was a huge security hole; if the management of the company website background slightly understand that people have an ulterior motive, once the initial password, you can enter the website backstage management information, malicious tampering.

found in the wild on the street site further after the diagnosis, the site also has many problems: some obvious lack of information navigation links, cannot link to the relevant page; part of the page in the missing content; the main customer case was repeatedly output the same content, and the content and pictures of inconsistent information content; the update rate is very low, much information is the last content.

in communication with customers found that the original site for its establishment and revision of the company did not provide the corresponding technical maintenance and after-sales service, how can such a site there is no security problem,


treats your website management background like a safe.

in this case, due to the lack of guidance, customers do not understand the importance of the site management background account security problems, think site management background is mainly the safety of technical problems, as long as there is confusion interface, web site can be opened, it means that the normal operation of the website, but it isn’t..

web site is hard to spot, even though there are problems with web sites because the site owner knows little about the source code of the site and doesn’t recognize the malicious parts of the source code. But that doesn’t mean the web site owner can’t manage the site

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