Answer do some of the problems encountered during the early stand

said, they do share some problems encountered when standing, and tell you how to solve the radish, I hope you can help, let us take some detours do stand in


what do you need to do before you do your website?

answer: 1, first of all to yourself to do what kind of a website, how many people (or companies) do, are those people (or company) doing, how much information platform, portal, mall and other large sites, competitor analysis, and then combined with their own practical ability, to choose a suitable type of site


, 2 types of good choice, should choose the domain name, domain name and try to contain some theme related keywords, domain name must be written, with the number 1 (and the letters L, 0 (similar) with similar domain name and letter O) to avoid as far as possible, as for what kind of domain name, I recommend.Com. Are the relatively high degree of

3, next is the procedure of choice, have the ability to write their own to write their own, without the ability to go to Chinaz or some special offers free source site to download a suitable source code, you can modify the template

two, and sometimes a particular kind of Web site ideas, and I know the original is very important, but the original thing is difficult to get, so should not give up the idea of this kind of Web site?

answer: no matter what kind of website, you do before, in the process of doing, you should let your understanding of this kind of website, allow yourself to understand this industry, if you do not understand these, then you do the most is a failure! As for the original content, there is no all the necessary are original, original content is 20%-30% in general in the website can be collected, other content should also do some processing, perhaps there is a pseudo original


three, "Shijiazhuang SEO" and "SEO Shijiazhuang" this is the same word? "And" network promotion experience "website promotion experience" the only one word keywords are necessary in the title


: I have thought of before, if you have input "SEO Shijiazhuang" and "Shijiazhuang SEO" in Baidu, two search results is completely different, the ranking is not the same, so that the two are two different words. But the network marketing experience and website promotion experience, these two words in the Baidu search in the search results are not the same, the number of pages are not the same, ranking also have the difference, but when you search for "network promotion experience", only the experience of website promotion site title, key words ranking is quite good, by before, so it can be regarded as a word, can reduce the length of the title


may be a little far fetched, the answer is purely personal imagination, but still hope to help you

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